South Side Chicago native J. Dominique weaves tales of romance and hood love through a distinctive lens. Now, with over thirty books to her name, this local author is asserting that African American literature and women’s fiction are here to stay.

Author J. Dominique

The gritty, crime-ridden streets of the Windy City serve as a backdrop to most of her work. However, according to Dominique, the gritty narrative is far from the whole truth. Amidst the city’s known adversities, she crafts tales of love and redemption, mirroring her own life story.

Born and raised on Chicago’s south side, Dominique, now 35, didn’t start writing until she was 27. A single mother of three, with a fourth on the way, she found herself entangled in a life that wasn’t just penning stories for fun. She was making connections with industry giants, such as the renowned Cole Hart Signature, through numerous phone calls and extensive networking on social media.

The connection with Hart was transformative for Dominique. She didn’t just gain an ally; she found a mentor and coach who brought her into his sphere. Years of guidance and mentorship under Hart led to a business relationship that is “bonded and stamped,” as Hart puts it, and has seen Dominique flourish as an author.

first come thugs then come marriage

“Dominique is someone who stands behind her work and her brand,” Hart said, adding, “She has remained the same humble person since the day I met her.”

Dominique credits much of her success to Hart, whom she refers to as a ‘guru.’ “Cole Hart knows how to make you stand on your word and hold yourself accountable,” she says, admiring his unmatched work ethic and drive. “His push is what has propelled me forward.”

Her first series with Cole Hart Signature, “Red & Rico,” set the tone for her following works, all of which are steeped in the reality of her hometown. From the bestselling “In Thug Love With A Chi-town Millionaire” series and “Every Savage deserves A Hood Chick” to “I Bought Every Dream He Sold Me” and “First Come Thugs, Then Comes Marriage,” her titles on Amazon Kindle are in demand.

in thug love with a chi-town millionaire
every savage deserves a hood chick
I bought every dream he sold me

It seems that Dominique’s tales of hood love and the grittier side of life have found their audience, which is a testament to her skill as an author. Through her books, she’s shedding light on a part of the Chicago community that is often overlooked while serving the world a fresh perspective on African American literature.

“I write about the realities of life in the hood,” she explains. “I want to show that even in the toughest environments, love can still bloom. It’s not all crime and hardship.”

And bloom it has. For J. Dominique, the future looks bright, with many more tales to tell and many more hearts to win over with her powerful stories. Her name indeed carries weight, but it’s her passion and the authenticity of her narrative that truly sets her apart.

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