Movin' Different Audiobook

The bestselling “Movin’ Different” series by acclaimed author Kevina Hopkins is coming to audiobook format in March 2024. This highly anticipated audio edition takes the captivating tales of passion and drama to the next level. Available for pre-order now, fans can even get an exclusive sneak peek clip to tide them over until the full audiobook release next month. Text ColeHartSig to (833) 617-0182 to be alerted upon release.

Kevina Hopkins is an acclaimed African American author who has achieved considerable success in millionaire romance and urban fiction genres. She has reached #1 in Black & African American Urban Fiction, Romance, and more on Amazon. Over the past decade, Hopkins has amassed an impressive roster of over 25 bestselling romance titles. She has carved her niche in creating gripping tales of hood love that hold readers spellbound. Her series “Movin’ Different” has earned over 3,000 five-star reviews for its profound emotions, intense drama and captivating romance. The buzz it has created has cemented Hopkins’ status as a leading voice. With gripping stories that resonate with thousands of readers, Hopkins continues to entertain and inspire her passionate fanbase.

The runaway success of the “Movin’ Different” series has led to the release of a highly anticipated audiobook adaptation set to come out on March 12th, 2024. To give fans a special sneak peek, we have an exclusive clip:

If that small taste left you craving more, pre-order “Movin’ Different” now to get the full experience on release day! Hopkins’ unforgettable characters and gripping romantic drama is taken to new heights through this audio edition. Click below to pre-order and ensure you’ll be among the very first enjoying this new way of immersing yourself in the captivating world she has created.

Don’t forget to text ColeHartSig to (833) 617-0182 to be alerted on March 12th!

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