every savage deserves a hood chick

Every Savage Deserves A Hood Chick

I loved you when I didn’t love myself

Said you love me, but you only loved yourself

 Those words were never more true than they were for young Makiyah Hill. What she thought was love leaves her heartbroken and struggling with one child and another on the way. She’s still picking up the pieces when tragedy strikes, making a bad situation much worse. Still, a mother’s work is never done, and with the help of her cousin, she’s able to begin the task of learning to love herself again. What she wasn’t prepared for was Kane Andrews rudely forcing his way into her life.

As the head of GMM (Get Money Mafia), all Kane Andrews knows is how to get money, and at the moment, that’s all that’s on his mind. The last thing he’s worried about is a female and especially not one that’s some other man’s baby mama. When he runs into the beautiful Makiyah, he’s unable to ignore his attraction. Will he be able to be what she needs? Or will her baby daddy drama drive him away?

Dymani Hill is just trying to get by in life. After having gone through a tumultuous childhood, she’s now an adult with a child of her own. Between work, sleeping, and her daughter, she doesn’t have time for much else. Her baby daddy has gone ghost, leaving her with the sole responsibility of parenting, and she’s completely over men unless it’s for one thing…pleasure. When a random one night stand leaves her unsatisfied, she finds another option. Unfortunately, that option leads to issues with Kendu Andrews.

GMM’s second in command, Kendu, is just as money minded as his older brother, except he’s not as responsible. As the hothead of the duo, he prides himself on his no-nonsense approach to beef of any kind. Still, when it’s the alluring Dymani, he’s more concerned with her than with what she owes him. Will he finally get what he wants out of her? Or will he end up wanting her love instead? Find out in this emotional roller coaster that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat.