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Shaunn Aryande’s path to becoming an acclaimed author has been anything but straightforward. Born and raised in New Orleans, Aryande’s life was uprooted at the age of 15 when Hurricane Katrina forced her family to relocate to Birmingham, Alabama. This challenging transition during her formative years ignited Aryande’s passion for writing. 

Author Shaunn Aryande

At just 12 years old, Shaunn Aryande began expressing herself through poetry. As a teenager, she progressed to writing fiction, channeling her emotions and observations into stories. While Aryande harbored dreams of being an author, she did not actively pursue publication for her work at that time. It was not until years later that her talent would be discovered. 

In 2020, Aryande’s big break came when she was introduced to publisher Cole Hart, known as “Da Book God.” Recognizing her gift for storytelling, Hart signed Aryande and published her debut novel “Cali Dreamin’.” This marked the beginning of her flourishing career as an author of African American romance fiction.

Cali Dreamin': A West Coast Love Story by Shaunn Aryande
Cali Dreamin' 2: A West Coast Love Story by Shaunn Aryande
Cali Dreamin' 3: A West Coast Love Story by Shaunn Aryande

Now 32, Aryande resides in Houston, Texas with her two children. As a mother of two, she has drawn inspiration from her devotion to her family. Her latest novel, “Married to the King of Cali 3“, immerses readers in the bonds of family, the allure of new love, and the pull between right and wrong. 

Aryande’s characters confront issues of love, parenthood, and incarceration. Her ability to delve into these real-world struggles comes from her early exposure to her inner creativity. Through raw, emotional storytelling, she brings diverse experiences to life on the page. 

Married To The King of Cali by Shaunn Aryande
Married To The King of Cali 2 by Shaunn Aryande
Married To The King of Cali 3 by Shaunn Aryande

While Aryande’s path has contained obstacles, she has emerged with a vibrant voice and gripping stories to share. Her books are transporting page-turners featuring relatable characters and insightful social commentary. Shaunn Aryande is now living her dream, reaching audiences through her publishing deal with the support of Cole Hart.

For young women aspiring to turn their writing into a career, Aryande is an inspiration. Her perseverance and self-expression in the face of life’s difficulties demonstrate the power of channeling your authentic self into art. Aryande’s success proves that with dedication and the support of those who believe in you, your unique vision can resonate with readers everywhere. Her story is uplifting and her novels empowering.

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