first come thugs then come marriage

First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage

In J. Dominique’s electrifying novel, First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage, the city of Chicago serves as the heartbeat for a riveting tale of passion, power, and heartbreak, as the notorious Grand brothers navigate the treacherous world of love, family loyalty, and the criminal underworld.

Dive into this captivating story, as Knight and Bishop Grand tussle with their own hearts and the women who ensnare them. Knight, the dutiful eldest son, is torn between his loyalty to his family and his love for his best friend, Blessing Griffin. When he is compelled to marry for power and status, he must face the consequences of his choices, especially when Blessing’s return to Chicago reawakens long-buried emotions. Will Knight be able to reconcile his duties with his heart’s desires, or will he lose the woman he loves forever?

Meanwhile, Bishop, the enigmatic and seemingly heartless enforcer of the Grand family, finds his world upended by the alluring Deja Brooks. As she reels from her own personal tragedy, Deja discovers solace in Bishop’s embrace, drawing him into a passionate and tumultuous journey of self-discovery. As secrets and desires threaten to destroy their newfound love, will Bishop and Deja find the strength to surrender their hearts to one another?

First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage masterfully weaves the stories of these unforgettable couples, exploring the complexities of love and loyalty in a world where every connection is a means to an end. J. Dominique’s enthralling narrative will have you on the edge of your seat, yearning for more. Don’t miss the chance to experience this breathtaking tale of passion, sacrifice, and the ultimate pursuit of happiness.