married to the king of cali 3

Married To The King Of Cali 3

Dive deep into the heart of African American urban fiction with the captivating finale of ‘Married To The King Of Cali 3: A West Coast Love Story’ by Shaunn Aryande. Join the crew from ‘Cali Dreamin’’ as they move through complex choices, dangerous alliances, and raw street love emotions.

Fresh out of prison, Kross is hell-bent on knocking the DaVinci’s off their thrown. But with his lady, Cali, on the verge of leaving him, and the increasing pressure to exit the treacherous underworld, the weight of it all tests his strength and loyalty. Will he finally cut ties with the street life, or will the cycle ensnare the Roman family once more?

Motherhood has bestowed Cali with new perspectives. As Kross gets deeper into the stressful game, will she dance to the same old tunes? Or will the pull of love steer her towards being the unwavering anchor Kross so deeply yearns for?

Messiah’s memory is still blurry, but his heart unerringly seeks Mia. Faced with a dilemma, will Mia abandon the safe harbor she’s built with Tre to embrace a future with Messiah? And as doubts swirl, the question remains: Is Messiah the father of Mia’s child?

Brace yourself for an enthralling roller coaster of emotions, decisions, and romance. Return to the streets of Cali and bear witness to how destiny unfolds in this drama-laden love story.