Cali Dreamin’: A West Coast Love Story

From Cole Hart Signature’s new author, Shaunn Aryande, comes a stirring and intimate urban novel involving  love, deception, betrayal.


Cali Brookes is nothing shy of beautiful. She is independent and determined to be successful. When she decides to get out of the South and expand her horizons, she chooses Los Angeles; however, she gets more than she bargained for. Her intentions were to move to LA, finish grad school, and work for the top marketing firm in the country… not to fall in love with the most notorious drug dealer on the entire west coast. 

Kross belongs to the notorious Roman family. He is the son of no other than the infamous drug lord, Urban, who’s like no other. Kross is in grad school at USC, working on his MBA. He has dreams of owning lucrative, legit businesses to break away from the stigma his family has cast on him. Kross is torn between following in his dad’s footsteps and becoming a man that earns a lot of legal money. When he meets Cali, he now knows more than ever that he wants to be legit. However, when certain family members are forced out of the family business for legal matters, Kross has no choice but lend his father a hand. 

When Kross meets Cali for the first time, her beauty mesmerizes him—inside and out. He makes a vow that he’ll never be a one-woman man, but Cali Brookes has him contradicting himself. The couple hits it off, but can they stay together once the secret that brings them together threatens to tear them apart?

Kross and Cali discover that they are not who the other thought. When it’s all said and done, family secrets from the past will resurface. Will their love be able to survive? Or will the skeletons in the past tear them apart?

Find out in author Shaunn Aryande’s African American Urban Romance, Cali Dreamin’: A West Coast Love Story.