Movin' Different by Kevina Hopkins

Movin’ Different: A Hood Millionaire Romance

Bestselling author Kevina Hopkins pens Movin’ Different, an intensely captivating, well-crafted, yet heartfelt urban romance.

McKenzie is a beautiful yet misguided young woman. After the death of her boyfriend, Chris, she wasn’t interested in dating another dope boy until Chase entered her world.

Chase is everything Kenzie wanted in a man. He was handsome, wealthy, and most of all, he made her happy. When the truth emerges that Chase is living a double life, Kenzie feels a sense of betrayal she has never felt before.

With learning about Chase’s secrets, and her home life up in smoke, Kenzie packs up and heads to Miami with her father and brother to clear her head and try and figure out what she wants to do in life. It wasn’t long before she met Malakai, who truly was a breath of fresh air. The only problem was, Kenzie’s life in Chicago could not fully be left behind, and she wasn’t looking for yet a relationship out of fear of another heartbreak.

Regardless of learning about Kenzie’s hectic life, Malakai refuses to give up. He sees something in Kenzie that he loves and refuses to take no for an answer, no matter how long it takes. When any other man would have run for the hills, Malakai buckles up to take the ride with Kenzie as she figures out where to turn.

Whether in Miami or Chicago, Malakai is willing to wait for Kenzie. However, will unforeseen circumstances send Kenzie back into Chase’s arms? Find out in the first installment of Movin’ Different where the lies, betrayal, and deceit are ahead.