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The Summer is slowly creeping up on us. Although, a lot of summer plans have probably come to halt due to COVID-19, all is not lost. I’ve compiled a list of novels that’ll make this summer a little more bearable. Here are the top recommended novels for the summer.

I’m Just Tryin’ To Be Somebody’s Wife

Top recommended summer reads

“A story worth telling” as quoted from one review. Cole Hart is a natural storyteller. He knows how to convey a story to the point where you feel like its a personal testimony to your own experience. “I’m Just Tryin’ To Be Somebody’s Wife” is a story everyone woman should read at least once because we’ve all been here. A highly recommended read, not just for the summer, but a general top suggestion.

Married To The King Of The South

top recommended summer reads

Twyla T. is one of the best authors out here. And that’s not coming from me, that’s a direct quote from one of her many reviews on Amazon. This book is about envy and how it consumes whoever possess this ugly trait. It is even being coined as a beautiful disaster. “Married To The King of the South” is a standalone that’s perfect for any occasion and can stir up plenty of conversation.

He’s My Thug, I’m His Peace

top recommended summer reads

Not only is this novel full of drama and unforeseen twists that’ll have you glued from beginning to end, it’s also a completed three part series. Theresa Reese made sure to compact her latest series with all the family drama you’d ever need to keep you occupied for the summer. This part one novel alone is a top recommendation for summer. But also feel free to read its sequels, “He’s My Thug, I’m His Peace 2“, and “He’s My Thug, I’m His Peace 3“.

Crushin’ On A Dope Boy: In Loving Memory of Chante Amor

top recommended summer reads

Warning, these short stories are so good, you’ll be dying for more. But before you read this anthology, just remember, they are short and really entertaining. As an ode to our late author Chante Amor, we asked some of best authors to pin seven short stories with the same title and theme. This romance joined the summer recommended list due to all seven stories being so juicy and addicting.

Bad Boss Chicks

top recommended summer reads

The Bad Boss Chicks squad is the epitome of a true girl squad. This isn’t your typical female mafia where the man comes and saves the day or even a man ruining the Midwest savvy crew. These women are fierce and bad all on their own. Pinned by one of our newer authors, he kicked started his literary career with a bang with this novel. This crime fiction was such a popular novel upon release is why it’s a highly recommended novel for the summer.

A Down South Hustla Stole My Heart

top recommended summer reads

Shanice B’s romance is one of the newer releases. However, that comes to show that this novel is that good! A Down South Hustla Stole My Heart is a story that’s not a typical, easy romance. Everything is complicated and it’s full drama that’ll leave your head spinning. Not to mention, it includes a cliffhanger that’ll make you crave more. Don’t worry, she’s currently working on part two as I write this post. If you want to alerted about the sequel, text ColeHartSig to (855)231-5230. In the meantime, enjoy this top recommended read for the summer.

The Committed Side Chick

top recommended summer reads

A romance that will bring you to tears. This comes from the words of a reviewer on Amazon. Tina Marie’s women’s fiction is one of our chart toping series at the moment. It’s only been out for about a month, but I absolutely had to add it to this summer list. The Committed Side Chick is the type of romance where all you need to do is pour a glass of wine and enjoy the wiles of every single character.

Project Princess: Hood Dreams Come True

Sitting comfortably in the top 20 of the women’s fiction charts, Project Hood Princess: Hood Dreams Come True, is a highly recommended summer read. Zarkia’s urban fiction is full of action and lessons: never cross a friend and be careful what you wish for.

Married To The Boss Of Atlanta

There are some series you have to read as they’re released. And there are others that you wait until it’s completed because you know it’s going to be good. Dani Littlepage’s romance falls comfortably in between. Bestselling author is an understatement because anything she writes, tops the charts instantly. To date, Married To The Boss Of Atlanta has only two parts. However, the third and final part is on its way. Text ColeHartSig to (855)231-5230 to be notified as soon as it’s available. “Married To The Boss Of Atlanta 2” is out now in the meantime.

All I Wanted Was A Dope Boy: A Hood Love Story

There are some spoilers in the reviews, so you might have to take my word when I say this romance drama is well written and a great read! Yasauni is another one of our newer authors and she kicked off her debut with this riveting romance.

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