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Bestselling authors Yona, Kevina Hopkins, and Yasauni have teamed up to bring you The Autobiography of a Capo’s Wife. This hot new collaborative project is set to debut on July 14th. In the meantime, enjoy an exclusive preview for what’s to come.  

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Chapter One

Trinity climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself before walking into her bedroom. She looked down at her phone and saw that Stephan had called her five times. She didn’t understand why he was blowing up her phone now after he ignored her all day. He had her fucked up if he thought she was about to chase after him. Those days were over and done with. 

Trinity and Stephan had been together on and off since she was sixteen years old. Over the course of the five years, they produced a beautiful daughter who is almost four years old. It also produced a lot of heartache and pain in between. 

Trinity placed her phone back on her nightstand and grabbed her body cream to lotion her body. She was halfway done applying the cream when her phone started ringing again. She looked at the caller ID and rolled her eyes before picking up.

“Hello,” Trinity yelled into the phone!

“Why the fuck you ain’t answering your phone?” Stephan called out. 

“I was busy. What’s up?”

“Busy doing what?”

“Busy minding my business now what do you want Stephan?”

“I want to come see my baby.”

“If you wanted to see your baby you should have answered when I called you earlier. It’s almost eleven, and she’s gone to sleep already.”

“I’m not trying to hear that shit Trinity.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you don’t want to hear. Call tomorrow at a decent time, and you can come see her,” Trinity said before hanging up the phone and throwing it on her bed. 

Trinity finished oiling her body than looked inside of her drawer and found a t-shirt to sleep in. She had just placed the shirt over her head when she heard someone ring the doorbell. Her sister was home, and she wasn’t expecting anyone, so she didn’t bother to go see who was at the door. 

Trinity combed her long hair into a ponytail and tied a scarf around her edges. She was just about to climb into her bed when her bedroom door swung open. 

“What are you doing here and why are you just barging into my bedroom like you live here?”

“I told you that I wanted to see my daughter and your dumb ass hung up the phone on me.”

“I hung up on you because you on some bullshit. If you wanted to see your daughter, your ass would have come over here earlier when I called you.”

“I was busy taking care of business. I know you not about to give me a time restriction on when I can see my shorty.”

“Whatever Stephan, you know where her room is.”

“I already went in there and kissed her and read to her.”

“Okay, so you’re about to leave now right?”

“Maybe I wanted to do more than see Stephanie,” Stephan said as he locked the bedroom door and walked over towards her. Trinity hadn’t slept with him in over a month and looking at her standing there in nothing but a t-shirt had his dick on brick. She was still as beautiful as she was the first day he laid eyes on her. She was about five-eight and weighed one hundred and sixty-five pounds with double D breast. She had curves in all the right places, thanks to her daughter. Instead of letting herself go after her pregnancy, she used it to her advantage. She worked out faithfully and ended up with a body more banging than it was before getting pregnant. She had a small waist with a perfectly flat stomach. 

“Oh, you couldn’t get no pussy from none of your other bitches today?”

Stephan was about to respond to her comment but changed his mind. He knew that if he pissed her off, he really wasn’t going to get what he came for. So, instead, he pushed her onto the bed and pulled her shirt up in one swift motion. Before she could protest, he had her legs open, and his head was in between her thighs. 

“Ohhhh shit,” Trinity moaned as she arched her back and gripped the back of his head. 

Stephan devoured her pussy, and he could tell that she was on the verge of cumming, and he wanted to tease her a bit. So, he moved his head and stood up like he was about to leave. 

“Wait, what are you doing?” Trinity whined as she sat up from the bed. 

“I thought you wanted me to go find another bitch to give the dick to,” Stephan replied sarcastically. 

Trinity could tell what game Stephan was playing, but two could play at that game. 

“Okay, well you gone ahead and go give another bitch the dick while I have somebody else come over here and finish what you started,” Trinity said with a smirk. 

“Don’t make me fuck you up,” Stephan said seriously as he undressed. She admired every inch of his body. No matter how much he got on her nerves, she couldn’t deny how sexy he was. He was five-nine, one hundred and eighty-five pounds with milk chocolate skin and brown eyes. His body was toned with muscles in all the right places. Not to mention his 8-inch dick that was thick with a curve.

“Why you gone fuck me up for saying the same thing you said?”

“Nah, I’m gone fuck you up for playing with me.”

 “Whatever, are you going to keep bitching or are you going to come finish what you started?”

Stephan smirked before dipping his head back in between Trinity’s thighs. She was the only female that could get away with half the shit that she did. If it were any other bitch, he wouldn’t even be willing to go through half the hoops he did with her. 

Trinity closed her eyes and worked her hips until she was coming all over Stephan’s face. She rode the orgasm and tried to push his head away, but he wouldn’t stop. Every time she tried to push his head away, he popped her hand until she gave in to another mind-blowing orgasm. 

Stephan tried to catch Trinity off guard and penetrate her, but she stopped him and handed him a condom. There was no way she was fucking him without protection. He let out a sigh then put the condom on and flipped her around like she was as light as a feather. He slapped her ass before penetrating her from the back. 

“Shitttt,” Trinity moaned as Stephan slid his dick deep in her dripping pussy. It had been a couple of weeks since the last time she had sex, but the shit was whack. She could never get anybody to fuck her like Stephan did that’s why she was always ended up letting him back in her bed. 

“You missed this dick, huh?” He asked as he smacked her on the ass. 

“You know I do baby,” moaned Trinity as she threw it back on Stephan. 

“Then why you keep letting them fuck niggas taste what’s mine?” Stephan asked as he grabbed a handful of her ponytail while going deeper. 

Trinity ignored Stephan’s comment and focused on coming again. There was no way she was about to have that conversation with him while he had his dick buried inside of her. 

“Awww, you ain’t got nothing to say now huh?” Stephan asked as he went deeper and played with her nipple. She knew he was prolonging her from cumming as punishment. 

“Fuck Stephan, that’s my spot right there baby. Please don’t stop” cried Trinity. 

“Shut the fuck up and come on this dick,” he said as he gripped her ponytail tighter.

“Shit ma, this pussy wet as hell. I’m about to come,” grunted Stephan.

“Yes baby, come with me,” Trinity moaned as she clenched her walls together tighter. All she could hear was Stephan grunting before dropping his load.

 “Damn ma,” he said as he smacked her on the ass before pulling out. 

Trinity removed the condom then stood from the bed before walking into the bathroom. She flushed the condom and cleaned herself up before getting a wet towel and going to clean Stephan up. 

“Why are you so comfortable up under my covers?” Trinity asked as she cleaned Stephan’s dick. 

“I’m staying here tonight. My parents want to see Stephanie, so it’s easier for me to just take her with me in the morning from here. It’s already one o’clock, and I’m not trying to take that 45-minute drive home this late than come back in the morning.”

“Okay, are they keeping her for the weekend?” Trinity asked before climbing in bed next to him. 

“Yeah, they’ll have her until Sunday evening. That’s not a problem, right?”

“No, it isn’t. I was just checking.”

“Yeah, I bet, you just want to make sure you can hit the streets with Alyssa and Enfinity. 

“We were just doing good Stephan. I’m not trying to argue with you tonight. I just want to lie down and go to sleep.”

“Okay, good night.”

“Good night,” Trinity replied as she snuggled up under Stephan. 

Trinity was just falling asleep good when Stephan’s phone continuously rung. 

“Stephan,” Trinity yelled as she shook him awake.

“Damn girl, what? I’m trying to sleep.”

“Your phone keeps ringing.”

“I don’t give a fuck. If it’s bothering you so bad answer it,” Stephan growled as he rolled over. 

Trinity looked at the phone’s screen and saw the name Robin. She debated whether she wanted to answer the phone or not. The caller had called like three times, so it meant she really wanted to get in touch with him. 

“Hello,” answered Trinity.

“Who the fuck is this answering my man’s phone?” 

Trinity let out a chuckle before responding. 

“Does he know that he’s your man? I don’t think he got that memo sweetheart.”

“Bitch stop playing on the phone and give it Stephan.”

“Bitch I answered the phone because he didn’t want to talk to anyone after I put that ass to sleep. Would you like me to leave a message?”

“Would you just give him the damn phone?”

Trinity shook Stephan and handed him his phone.

“One of your bitches wants to talk to you.”

Stephan snatched the phone from Trinity’s hand and looked at the screen before speaking. 

“What the fuck do you want Robin? It’s damn near four in the morning.”

“I want to see you. I need some dick.”

“It ain’t happening. I’m with my baby mama right now.”

“So, you still fuck with her even though you know she fucks other niggas?”

“Mind your business. What we got going on don’t have shit to do with you. Remember your place,” Stephan said before hanging up on Robin than silencing his phone. 

Trinity muffed Stephan in the head and was about to go off, but he stopped her. 

 “I’m not in the mood Trinity. Keep your fucking hands to yourself and take your ass to sleep or I’ll go to sleep in Stephanie’s room.”

Trinity decided to stay quiet and go back to sleep because she had no room to get mad at him. After all, they weren’t together anymore. 

The following morning Trinity woke up with Stephan sitting on the edge of the bed with their daughter on his lap. 

“How long have you been up?”

“I’ve been up for about thirty minutes. Your sister got her dressed for me already. I was just about to wake you up. What do you have planned for today?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m going to see what the girls have planned.”

“Okay, well here go the five-hundred dollars you asked for,” Stephan said as he pulled some bills from a rubber band. 

“Thank you, baby daddy,” Trinity said with a smile as she leaned over and kissed Stephan on the lips. 

“Oh, I’m baby daddy and get a kiss on the lips after giving you money,” chuckled Stephan. 

“Whatever, I let you spend the night with me last night, and we did a lot more than sleep,” replied Trinity as she climbed out of bed and put on her robe. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, come walk us out.”

Trinity picked up her daughter and followed Stephan down the stairs. 

“See you later baby mommy loves you. Be a good girl for daddy, nana and papa.”

“Okay, mommy. Love you.”

“I don’t get a kiss and told to be good too.”

Trinity leaned in to give Stephan a quick kiss, but he deepened the kiss and slid his tongue in her mouth. 

“Be good, I don’t want to have to keep fucking these niggas up for messing with you,” Stephan said as he broke away from the kiss. 

Trinity rolled her eyes and closed the door behind them. 

“Bitch you better stop playing with Stephan. He gone stop fighting them niggas and start fucking your ass up or better, yet he gone cut your ass off,” Enfinity said, catching her sister off guard. 

“Stephan not gone do shit to me and he not gone cut me off. He loves his daughter too much to bring any harm my way and for the same reason that everybody thinks he would cut me off is the same reason he never will. He hates that I fuck other niggas and he would feel less of a man if he thought the money I got from them was going towards taking care of his daughter.”

Trinity didn’t have Stephan on child support because he was a damn good father, and he gives her more money on his own than what child support would give her. He paid for her car, he pays for their daughter daycare, pays her portion of the mortgage for their four-bedroom house and gives her a thousand dollars on top of whatever else she asks for. 

“I’m just trying to warn you because the shit you are doing right now is just stupid. Stephan takes damn good care of you and Stephanie, but you would rather let him fuck other bitches, and you have pointless sex with random dudes.”

“You’re right, it might be stupid, but you know what’s even more stupid?  Sitting around crying over a nigga that can’t keep their dick in their pants. Did you forget I was faithful to him for two and a half years? The countless arguments with him and fights with bitches over somebody that’s supposed to be mine. The sleepless nights I had because he couldn’t find his way home at night. Fuck that. I’m all for looking out for me and protecting my heart. He knows what he’s getting himself into just like I do.”

“Damn, leave her alone Enfinity. I don’t blame her after all the shit he put her through. I wouldn’t get back in a relationship with his ass either. He’s a good father and provider, but he ain’t shit just like all these other niggas. Do you and keep getting your paper Trinity,” Alyssa said, jumping in. 

Enfinity knew there was no point in continuing the conversation now that Alyssa had jumped in. It was too early in the morning for her to deal with both of their shit at once. 

Chapter Two

  Alyssa looked between the two sisters and playfully rolled her eyes. She already knew what Enfinity was thinking because she always thought it. It wasn’t that she was choosing sides but just the mere fact she understood where Trinity was coming from. 

Alyssa had been friends with Trinity since she first stumbled across her in school a few years back. Trinity was the first person Alyssa met when she moved to Chicago from Philly. A little while after Trinity introduced her to Enfinity, the three became inseparable. However, Alyssa and Trinity’s bond was tighter. Growing up in a messed up foster home after her entire family died in a fire, Alyssa didn’t feel like she had a family until Trinity and Enfinity came into her life. 

   “Now since you baby free, what are we doing today?” Alyssa asked, looking between the two sisters. 

 “Well, I did get invited to a party, but I ain’t know if y’all was going to want to go,” Enfinity spoke up. 

 “I’m down, shit I need to have a drink or two.” Alyssa danced. 

“Me too.” Trinity agreed.

After their plans of what they were going to do were set Alyssa went back into her room to get dressed for the day. Standing in front of her floor-length mirror, she took in her appearance. Her mocha-colored skin was blemish-free, and her cat slanted eyes gave her an exotic look. Weighing in at 190 pounds, she was on the thicker side. Growing up, she was considered fat and hated her body. As she got older and the boys flocked to her, while the girls hated her. Alyssa understood just how great her body really was. 

 Even with her natural face, she could put most girls to shame; however, that didn’t stop her from feeling unloved or wanted. She often asked God why he didn’t take her the day he took her mother, father, and grandmother out of her life all on the same day—leaving her in the world by herself. Being in a foster home made it no easier when all she was, was a check. Her entire life she felt alone up until the day she met her best friends who she now considered sisters. 

Alyssa looked through her closet at all the designer clothes for something to wear. Most of the clothes still had tags on them, but it was nothing she saw herself in for the night. Each time she went out, she planned to find a man that was well worth the wait of losing her virginity.

Closing her closet, Alyssa looked in her dresser and grabbed a pair of skinny blue jeans and a Balenciaga shirt with matching sneakers. After taking a thirty-minute shower and getting her hygiene together, she was finally dressed and ready to hit the mall. The last thing to do was remove her scarf and run her fingers through her thirty-inch raw Indian hair that was styled in a middle part. 

Checking her account, there was just enough for her portion of the rent and to have a few drinks, so it wasn’t no second thought on what she was about to do. There was no way in hell she could spend anything out of her savings unless she really needed to. Alyssa was a booster and a great one at that. Coming from being a spoiled and only child to nothing and basically fending for yourself stealing became natural and her way of making money to live. 

   “Where you about to go?” Trinity asked as Alyssa walked into the living room. 

 “To work.” Alyssa joked. 

  “Grab me something.” Enfinity threw out. 

 “Heard ya, you want me to get you something too? I’m getting a lot of stuff cause I need to make some sales. People have been hitting me up but I ain’t been to the mall this week. In fact, I’ll just grab a bunch of stuff y’all size and choose like y’all usually do.” Alyssa said before heading out the door and getting in her 2018 black impala, her car wasn’t brand new, but it was her baby. 

 Most people thought Alyssa came from money since she was always dressed down when she was actually risking her freedom to get through hard times until school was over, and she landed a good job. 

 Alyssa drove in silence, drowning in the thoughts of her foster parents. Why they thought it was okay to adopt a child and treat her completely different was beyond her. She watched for months as they would take her money and spend it on their kids. Occasionally when the social workers would come out, they would get her a few things, but it was all off the clearance rack. At the same time, their kids had the latest Jordan’s and anything else their hearts desired. 

Her first mind always told her to say something yet going to another home that could be worse was just something she couldn’t do. Once Alyssa was able to pick a college, she made sure it was in a place that was far away, so she never had to look back. 

Turning the music up on the radio and pushing her thoughts to the back of her mind, Alyssa bobbed her head to the old school jam that was playing on the radio. 

Pulling up to the mall, she got out of her car and got her baby stroller with the car seat attached and put it together, laying a baby blanket on the top for the finishing touch. 

Walking inside of Nordstrom’s, her favorite store, she got excited. Her favorite security guard was working, and all she had to do was flirt with him and stay out of the way. Besides, he was always on his phone, and today the store just so happened to be a little more crowded than usual. 

She moved around the store, placing things on top of her stroller, but most of the stuff went inside. Alyssa was even able to get a few pair of glasses in her diaper bag. After she felt like she had enough things, including sandals, she made it impossible to see inside the stroller. She made her way to the front to pay for a pair of sunglasses and the two shirts that sat on top of the stroller. 

“Thank you.” She smiled at the cashier after she got her bag and headed out to her car to empty the stroller. 

Alyssa knew she had gotten a lot of clothes but what she didn’t know was if it was enough to get her through the week. Climbing in her car, she sat there scanning through her phone. Before she left home, she was able to get a few credit cards in other people names and buy things only to return it to the store for credit. Alyssa would then take the store credit and sell it for half price, making a quick come up. 

“Guess I got to get back into these credit cards because I need a little bit more money,” Alyssa said out loud. 

She walked back into the mall and repeated the same thing inside of Macy’s. Only this time she didn’t get as much because security was tight, and she wasn’t trying to go to jail over no Macy clothes.

While putting her clothes in the car, she heard a familiar voice. 

 “Well if it isn’t miss orphan.” Her foster sister Mecca spoke. 

 “Oh bitch, stop. I’ll still beat your ass and ya ugly ass mammy ain’t gone be able to save you.” Alyssa threatened. 

“You live out here? Who knew I would visit this place and run across you? At least you don’t still look like a bum.” Mecca laughed with her friend. 

Alyssa noticed her card hanging out of her back pocket and smiled JACKPOT. 

“It’s taking everything in me not to smack you, so I’ll just give you a hug,” Alyssa smirked, pulling her into a hug. 

As she pulled away, Alyssa slid her card out of her pocket, hiding it behind her phone. She waved bye to her and hopped in the car, pulling off as quickly as she could. 

 Breaking the speed limit all the way home, she couldn’t wait to stop. The moment she pulled into a parking space, she opened up her online accounts for Nordstrom’s and order a bunch of clothes she would return for store credit. Making sure she clicked one-day shipping. Being careful not to send it to her house and using her fake name Alyssa knew she was about to make a killing. 

After she was finished with her online shopping spree, she grabbed a trash bag out of her trunk and loaded all the clothes in there before walking into the house. 

 “I come bearing gifts, take what y’all want. I’m going to take a quick shower and nap so I can take my time getting dressed.” Alyssa called out, leaving the bag in the living room. 

Walking into her room, she grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt to take her shower. Once Alyssa was done, she climbed in bed. Deciding against going to sleep, she grabbed her laptop to finish up an essay she needed to turn in later this week. Time quickly flew pass and Alyssa was happy she decided to do her work. Now that she finished one essay, she felt like she had more of a reason to drink. Looking at her watch, she noticed it was a little after eight. 

Standing up, she went into the living room and got the outfit she had decided to wear for the day. Walking into her room, she sat in front of her vanity and began to wand curl her hair. After she finished, she made sure her part was straight before adding eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss to her face. 

“Okay bitch.” Alyssa hyped herself up. 

Walking over to her outfit she pulled it on. She was rocking the hell out of a white, black, and orange Philly Flyers quarter-sleeve crop-top jersey. With a pair of black distressed skinny jeans paired with white Chanel sandals. Alyssa fixed her gold name necklace and placed on a gold watch for accessories. She chose her orange fanny pack for some color and black Chanel glasses she stole earlier that day and was ready to go. 

“Damn girl,” Alyssa said to Enfinity when she came into the living room. The white bodysuit shirt with the deep V-line down the middle went cute with the nude leather skirt she had on. She topped it off with strappy clear high heels with a hint of nude in them for the sole. 

“My bitches are dressed to fucking kill,” Alyssa yelled out when Trinity stepped out in a burgundy mock neck cut out ruched long sleeve body con dressed. The gold harmony love Giuseppe heels made her outfit pop even more. 

 “Girl, stop let’s go, oh and I call not driving.” Trinity laughed. 

 “Shit me too.” Alyssa got out before Enfinity, leaving her to be the driver. 

The trio walked outside to Enfinity’s car and hopped in. They danced and sang the entire ride to the club. Once they pulled out and walked up to the long line, Enfinity led them to the front and gave her name. They were let in and escorted up to a VIP section. Not wanting to order just drinks to sip on they ordered a bottle of Henny and Vodka. 

Alyssa scrolled through her phone while casually sipping on her drink. Everybody was dancing while she was blocking her adopted sister off her social media. She had written her asking if she was the one who used her card. After telling her no, she blocked her. 

“Get up and dance.” Trinity pulled Alyssa up just as Meghan the stallion Cash shit came on. 

The three immediately started dancing, turning every head in the section towards them. Instead of paying attention, they were in their own little worlds. 

“Okay, fuck it up sis.” Alyssa called out to Trinity, who was holding the middle of her dress while showcasing her Meghan knees. 

Alyssa, Trinity and, Enfinity had been in the party for a while turning up before three fine men walked into the section and immediately a group of females flocked to them. One, in particular, stood out to Alyssa. He was smiling from ear to ear while looking at something on his phone. His smile alone had her smiling from across the room. His light skin was covered in tattoos, and his waves were spinning. The closer he got, the more moist she found her panties. His frame towered over her average five-foot four-inch height. Alyssa knew he had to be somewhere around six foot. Alyssa imagined him picking her up in them strong muscular arms he had. 

He looked up, and Alyssa was staring into a beautiful set of hazel eyes. He shot her a wink making her smile and look away.

“Damn, E, you been holding out. What kind of niggas you be talking to?” Alyssa asked Enfinity.

Enfinity went to answer her but was pulled away by a strong pair of arms leaving Alyssa and Trinity to try and figure out for themselves.

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