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Bestselling authors Theresa Reese, Mz.Biggs, and Tasha Mack have teamed up to bring you The Autobiography of a Boss’ Wife. This hot new collaborative project is set to debut on July 17th. In the meantime, enjoy an exclusive preview for what’s to come.   

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“Don’t you look beautiful?” my mother shrieked over my shoulder. Turning to face her with a scowl, she handed me one of the prettiest dresses I had ever seen. Nearly pulling it from her arms with not as much as a ‘thank you’, I stripped from the white terry cloth robe that swallowed my petite frame. Feeling the burning on my back, my mother stood there staring. 

“Can I help you?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Is that any way to talk to me when I just got you this bad ass dress for your party?” she replied.  I could tell she wanted to give me as much attitude as I’d given her, but she abstained. In the back of my mind, I wondered why.

I wanted to say, “First of all bitch, don’t do that,” but instead, I mustered up the fakest smile I could and told her thanks. She rolled her eyes and turned on her heels, stomping out of my small bedroom. Humph, I could give two shits about her attitude. Today was my day. It was my high school graduation party with my two besties before we all left for college. 

Stepping into the wine-colored, deep v-neck bodycon dress, I wiggled my hips until it was situated perfectly. Placing the straps on, I called for my mother to come zip up the back. Damn, a bitch is fine, I thought to myself. 

“I knew that dress would look this bomb on you,” she said, pulling the back to zip it. “I want tonight to be perfect because I have a little surprise for you, baby.” I damn near twisted my ankle because I snapped my neck so hard to get a good look at her. This bitch ain’t never gave a fuck about me or how I looked until today. Something was up with her, and if she thought she was going to ruin my night, I had something for her ass. 

“Oh,” was all I said. She couldn’t fool me with a few nice words and a brand-new dress. Brushing my hand so she could leave out the room, I made sure to hit up the group chat and let the girls know she was trippin’. Twirling on my heels, staring at my figure in the floor-length mirror, I puckered my lips before brushing the swoop with my finger over my brows. 

“The limo is downstairs; do you want them to leave us?” The look of excitement was plastered on her face. Something was definitely off with her, for the past eighteen years all I heard was “I can’t wait til you get grown and leave.” So much for her being the usual bitch she was. Humph.

Leaving out, I held my nose on the ride down the elevator because the stench of piss tickled my nose hairs. “You do look cute, Paige.” I cut my eyes at her, I honestly wanted her to shut the hell up. 

“Thanks.” I gave her the driest thank you ever. I needed to get to this party quickly. My phone vibrated in the small clutch I had in my hand. Almost walking into the door of the black stretched limo, looking down at my phone, I popped my head up when the driver told me to hold on. Opening the door I thought I was going to be riding with my girls but apparently my mother had other plans. 

 I was staring directly into the face of someone I hated more than my mother, my father. “Hey, beautiful,” my father greeted me. His smooth caramel complexion might have won over the many women he seduced but the shit did nothing for me. Breathing heavily, I sat on the opposite side of him. 

“Paige, don’t be rude; you’re not going to say hi?” my mother asked.

“For what?” Knowing damn well she shouldn’t even want me this close to him, her ass decided to invite him to the party. Ignoring their flirting and chatting on the way to the venue, I couldn’t help but to think I needed a drink. Yea, I was only eighteen, but with parents like mine, drinking was the only option to keep sane. 

Grabbing the bottle of Rosé, my father snatched the bottle from my hands. “When did you start drinking, young lady?”

“When you and my no-good mother started to not give a fuck about me!” 

Cocking his head to the side, he just chuckled, popping the bottle. Pouring three glasses, I drank mine in one huge gulp. I need this, I kept saying over and over to myself. When the car came to a complete stop, I told him to give me another drink before getting out. Big Al obviously didn’t care; he handed me the champagne flute willingly. Guzzling the second glass, I rushed into the venue not even acknowledging my girls or guests. The only thing I remember was my father saying, “She’ll agree faster if she’s fucked up, Cassie.” 

“Agree to what?” Stopping short, I damn near ran into a tall handsome boy who had the mic in his hand. 

“Damn, sis, you gon’ run a nigga over!”

Tapping him as an apology, I darted to the bathroom. My light complexion skin was now flushed red. My eyes were glassy and I was burning up. “Shit, I never got this tipsy so fast before.” I laughed, looking in the mirror, holding on to the sides of the sink. 

“Paige, are you okay?” My mother burst through the doors of the bathroom. “Pull yourself together, me and your father brought a date for you.” Looking at her strangely, a date? Who the hell did she invite to this party? 

Touching my head in a dramatic manner, I twisted my lip. “I don’t want a date, ma. I’m good.” Before we could go into the usual screaming match, I grabbed up my clutch and left out, leaving her to her thoughts.

Meeting up with my girls Kiyomi and Kammie at the table, we talked about the elegant decor. I know their folks had the most to do with this party because I had shitty parents. My father was a well-known pimp and my mother was his bottom bitch for years. Looking over at their exchange from across the room, a dark-skinned male in his late twenties stood next to them. Slouching in the chair, I whispered to the girls that my parents set him up with me. Kammie looked over in his direction just as our eyes locked with each other. 

Slapping her hand, he licked his lips at me. Looking away from him I asked them if they wanted to go dance. I needed to move as far away from them as possible. 

“You good?” Kammie asked. 

“She’s freaking out, probably over nothing,” Kiyomi warned. 

“Bitch don’t do that, you don’t know my parents like I know them.” Fanning my hand to my sweaty chest, I added, “Something is up with their asses.”

“If you say so,” Kiyomi said.

I wanted to go and hit Kiyomi for being so nonchalant towards the situation but I’d address it after tonight. This might be the last night I get to party with my girls before we go off to college. We had been together since we were kids and now that we had graduated high school, I had chosen a school out of New York City to attend. I needed to get the hell away from my toxic mother and this nigga who only acted like my father when it was convenient for him. 

“Girl, come here. I want you to meet Shawn.” My mother grabbed my hand just as I reached for the glass of water. Sighing heavily, I looked to my girls for saving but they were already boo’d up on the dance floor. Rolling my eyes, my mother stopped me right in front of the dude I saw earlier. He was aight looking but nobody I would get caught with. He had to be about 6’1 and brolic, which was definitely a turn off. 

“Hey, sexy.” Taking my hand, he circled me as if he was a dog and I was his next meal. Looking away, the dude with the mic raised his brow at me. “So this is all mine, Big Al?” He asked. 

Snatching my hand from his. “All his?” 

“Yes, baby, you’re his new toy so treat him right!” My mother popped me on my small ass. The small jiggle had him drooling out the side of his mouth. 

“Nah, y’all got me fucked up.” Chuckling at them I couldn’t believe these two. “I’m going to college so y’all can go pimp out another bitch.”

“College. That’s cute, baby girl, but we don’t go to college in this family; we use what we got to get what we want!” My father said, pushing me into the arms of the dude. Breaking free from his grasp, I looked at my mother who was smirking. 

“Go make us happy, don’t go getting her pregnant either.” She warned Shawn and he nodded in agreement. “Y’all bugging the fuck out.” Brushing past the crowd, the dude with the mic called out to me. Ignoring him, I went out the front door. Kiyomi and Kammie caught up to my stride. 

“You good?”

“No, my parents sold me to that muthafucka in there!” Pointing at the door the guy with the mic stopped in his tracks. “They were never sending me to college.” 

“Paige, I’m sure you’re overreacting, your mother would not do that.” 

“Kammie, my father is a pimp and my mother was his bottom bitch! Y’all don’t know what the fuck I’ve been through to comment.” I shouted to my girls. The black mascara ran down my cheeks. I expected them to have my back if anyone had too. “Just fuck it, I’m out.” Putting my hand out, I hailed a cab back to Grant projects in Harlem. I couldn’t believe the fucking night I was having. I went getting cute for a fucking John. Wiping my face, I laid back against the black leather seats. Sulking in my own sorrows, my head was fucked up. These niggas had the nerve to agree to a party to sell me to the highest bidder. 

“Shit,” I nearly banged my head on the back of the passenger’s seat as the taxi came to a complete stop. Reaching into my purse, I tossed him a twenty dollar bill. Heading straight to the small apartment I shared with my mother, I packed what little I could and got ghost before I had to deal with her attitude later. She had me fucked all the way up if she thought I was giving up my college dream for community dick.

Chapter One


I sat in my home office staring at my MacBook for what seemed like forever.  Several different pictures of my fiancé, Romello and I flashed across the screen.  Most women would be excited looking at the pictures and thinking back to all of the good times, not me.

It was getting closer and closer to time for my wedding and I hadn’t finalized much of anything.  Hell, I didn’t even have anyone to be in my wedding party because I didn’t fuck with many people.  The only people that I actually hung with that I trusted were Paige and Kiyomi and we hadn’t been in touch with each other since the night of our graduation party.

My long, shellac coffin nails tapped on the desk as I thought about what I was going to do.  We’d planned one of the biggest weddings the state of New York had ever seen.  There was no way I could stand at the altar looking like a fool with no wedding party.

“You okay in here?” Romello stuck his head in the room and asked.  Romello and I met when we were in college and have been pretty much inseparable ever since.  We were so alike that it was crazy.  When we met, we had the same dream of being a doctor, but we both ended up going down different paths along the way.

When I was younger, I made up my mind that I wanted to be a doctor.  It was more so because it was my mother’s dream that she never got to carry out.  My father was a heavy hitter in the streets and a threat to many.  He and my mother dated for eight years before he finally decided to put a ring on it.  Even then, he wasn’t as faithful to her as he should’ve been.  Yet, she loved him and dealt with everything that came with being with him.  She was a stay-at-home mom and put her dreams on hold for her.  My grandmother told me that she wanted to be a doctor but when my father worked his way up in the streets, she gave up her dreams.  What was the use of her going to work when she had a man at home that was willing to take care of her?  

Together, my parents had six children and I was the youngest.  They had five boys and then came me.  My father, on the other hand, had children outside of his relationship with his mother.  How many? We will never know.  Like I said, my mother was so in love with my father that she put up with a lot from him.  Up until the day she took her last breath.  Actually, they were both killed at the same time. It had to have been a setup because it happened when my father was the most vulnerable. 

See, my brothers would always go stay with my father’s brother and I would stick to my grandmother like glue.  It was my parent’s anniversary, and my father wanted to do something special for my mother.  He had my brothers go to my uncle’s house, and I went to stay with my grandmother.  My father had a whole team come in and set the house up to give it like an island feel.  He hired a cook and everything.  The night was supposed to be perfect to the point that he and my mother wouldn’t have to lift a finger.  From what I was told, he was trying to talk my mother into giving him another child too; like he really needed another one.  

Honestly, I’m not sure how things happened, but from what I was told, the people who came in the house to cook their meal that night were hired to take him out.  It was the perfect opportunity for them to do so because he wouldn’t expect a thing.  It’s just sad that my mother had to lose her life during the process.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my father, but I hate the life that he lived.  If it weren’t for that, he and my mother would be here with me and our family never would’ve gotten separated.  That’s the very reason I live by the book.  If I’m going to die, I’m going to die as someone that was living right.

“Which one?” Romello asked, removing me from my thoughts.

“Which one what?” I replied, not knowing what he was talking about.

“Which tie do you think I should wear?” he stated, holding up both a dark green and dark blue tie.

“Wear the blue one, it brings out your eyes,” I expressed, admiring the beautiful hazel eyes that I fell in love with.  When I look at Romello, it’s like I’m looking at my own personal Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Romello was built like him, had the same skin complexion, stood tall like him, and was bald like him.  The only difference was those hazel eyes.  

“Thanks.  The green one it is.” That was the dumb shit I couldn’t stand.  He was one of those men that would ask their woman about something and do the opposite of what she said unless someone else agreed with her. Dumb shit, right?

“I hate when you do that,” I voiced.

“When I do what?” he asked, playing stupid.

“When you ask me something and do the complete opposite of what we discussed,” I stated.

“Awe… Come on, Kam.  You know I just be fuckin’ with you,” he replied and walked up on me.  I stood from my desk and was about to leave the room because I knew he was about to be playful and I had too much on my mind to be playing with him.

Romello got up on me when I tried to move around him.  He grabbed me by the waist and pushed me back against the wall that was directly behind my desk.  Looking up, the only thing I saw was his hazel eyes, and instantly, I melted.  He knew what he was doing, and it wasn’t fair.  

Without warning, he placed his mouth on my neck.  That was my spot.  My body succumbed to him whenever he kissed my neck.

“You know what daddy needs, right?” he pulled back enough to say.  Instead of responding, I nodded my head up and down.  I knew exactly what my man wanted.

Romello quickly turned me around and moved to where his back was against the wall.  He dropped his pants as I dropped down to my knees. Without hesitation and the use of my hands, I wrapped my mouth around his eight-inch curved dick and went to work.

My head bobbed back and forth like I was listening to music.  Hearing Romello hiss and moan only made me go harder.  Allowing my mouth to gobble all of him inside of me, I deep-throated him like I’ve never done before.

“Damn, Kam.  When the fuck you start doing that?” he asked.  It almost made me laugh.  Not wanting to lose focus on what I was doing, I chose not to respond to him.  Instead, I kept enjoying what I was doing to him.  Something about being in control drove me crazy.

Placing one of my hands on his dick, I turned it like I was churning butter while I continued to suck.  With my free hand, I allowed it to roam my body until reaching my pussy.  I slid my panties to the side and wiggled my finger inside of my awaiting, dripping wet pussy.  It wasn’t long before I was rotating between massage my clit and finger-fuckin’ myself.

“Mmmm…” I moaned before looking up at Mello.  He threw his head back on the wall and his mouth had dropped open.  I already knew what that meant.  Smiling to myself, I started massaging my clit faster because I wanted us to cum together.

“Sssss…” he hissed right as the vein on top of his dick popped up.  I knew exactly what that meant.  I allowed my head to fall back so I could receive all of his juices inside my mouth.  “Here it comes,” he yelled.  I removed my hands from my panties to focus on him.  “Aaaagggghhhhh…” he grunted as he shot all of his seeds down my throat.  I gulped it down like it was nothing.  That was something I’d grown accustomed too.  Once I could no longer feel him squirming or jerking, I sucked on him a few extra times being sure to focus on the tip before I finally stopped.

“Mmmm… You taste good as fuck, baby,” I complimented him.

“Damn Kam.  You bout to have a nigga late for work,” he exclaimed before laughing.

“You’re the manager.  Who gon’ check you?” I replied and we both laughed.  

Standing up from being on my knees, I stood back and admired Mello as he began to fix his clothes.  When he noticed me watching him, he smiled and pulled me in to him.

“It’s going to be okay.  You’re going to figure things out,” he stated.

“Huh? What you mean?” I asked, wondering what he meant since his comment came out of nowhere.”

“You’re going to figure things out so that our big day is very special.  If not, I know a few ladies you can use in the wedding party if you just have to have somebody standing next to you so bad,” Romello remarked.  I wanted to kick him in the ass for saying something so stupid and reckless to me.  Some people would think he was being nice and trying to help out, but I knew him well enough to know he was about to be on some good bullshit.

“Don’t play with me. I have friends.”

“Where? You don’t do anything unless we go out together.  I’ve never seen you talking to anyone else.  Oh, wait.  I know what you can do,” he said and fell out laughing.

“What the fuck is so funny?” I asked, wanting to know what it was so I could laugh too.  Any laugh would help me get my mind off the funk I was in.

“You can dress up some of those people you work with and have them stand in for you.  Embalm them and use a stand to prop them up.” He laughed so hard that he had to grab his stomach.  I playfully punched him in the arm.

“I’ll call the wedding off before I do that,” I threatened.  No sooner than the words could leave my mouth, he stopped laughing.  “What? You don’t find that to be funny?” I commented.

“Don’t play with me, Kammie.  Next month, your ass will be coming down that aisle to me; even if I have to get somebody to drag you down there,” he warned.  

“If you say so.” I shrugged and went back to what I was doing on the computer before he interrupted me.  

“Call them,” he blurted out.


“Call your friends, Kammie.  Make this shit right with them.  Like I said, next month, we will be getting married, even if we have to stand up in that bitch alone.  You’re wifey and I’m not about to wait too much longer to make you Mrs. King.”  Kissing me on the forehead, he left out the room without giving me a chance to respond.

Romello was right.  It had been long enough.  It was time for me and my childhood best friends to make this shit right.  Thank God, I was off because there was no telling how long it was going to take me to find them.  Logging in to my Facebook, I prepared myself for what could be a long day.

Chapter Two


I looked at Darius and rolled my eyes for the third time. I was growing impatient and time was not on his side. What bothered me the most about him was that he acted as if he didn’t know the routine. We had been seeing each other for about six months but it was nothing serious. Relationships weren’t my thing, but sex was. I only dealt with men long enough to get my rocks off and after that, I didn’t care what they did. As long as they got the fuck out my face, I was content. 

At twenty-four years old, I had never been in a relationship or even taken anyone serious, for that matter. My mother was always asking me if I had met anyone and my answer was always no. She even went as far as to ask if I was a lesbian, which tickled me because if she wasn’t my mother, I would probably curse her ass out. Make no mistake, I loved dick and there wasn’t a damn thing a bitch could do for me. 

“Darius, are you about done?” I asked with agitation lacing my voice. After our hour-long sex session, I wanted nothing more than to take a shower, get comfortable in my king-sized bed, and sleep naked, but this nigga was fucking up my vibe. 

“Damn, baby, why you always gotta be like that? Didn’t I dick you down good?” he asked as he sat down on the edge of my bed. 

Hardly, corny muthafucka!

Darius’ sex game wasn’t the best, but his head was fire and kept me climbing up the walls so that’s why I kept him around.

“Yea, I see you smirkin’; you might as well just let me stay. I know you want me to. You always tryna act all nonchalant like you don’t fuck with a nigga, but the way yo pussy be creamin’, I gotta be doing something right.” He boasted.

I wanted to kick his ass off my bed and tell him to get the fuck out of my house but quickly decided against it. One thing I didn’t feel like doing, was starting an argument. I would ignore a muthafucka real quick before things escalated to that point. The only time I planned on arguing was in the courtroom. Hell, who wouldn’t want to argue for a check?

“Darius, it’s late, and I have to work in the morning. Not only that, I have to be there an hour early to help out with a case.” I lied. Shit, I was trying to be nice but at this point, I already felt like I was doing too much for a nigga that wasn’t even mine. I was in my last year of law school but worked part time as an assistant at a law firm in Manhattan. My schedule was always busy so he would never know the difference.

“Aight, you got that. I’ma let you get some rest but I wanna meet up when you get off,” he replied as he grabbed me by the hands and pulled me up into a hug. I really didn’t want to hug his goofy ass, but at this point, I’d do anything to get him to walk out the door.

Shortly after, Darius was gone, and I was finally alone. Besides the dick appointments, I didn’t too much interact with many people. The only real friends I had were Kammie and Paige and I hadn’t talked to them in years. It’s crazy because at one point we were all inseparable, but that was before we all left for college.

I remember how we used to run Grant projects in Harlem, and nobody could tell us shit. Out of the three of us, Paige was always the one to pop shit, and she could most definitely back it up. Bitches always tried her because her daddy was pimping bitches all over Harlem. No matter what, we never judged her and we always had her back. Like I said, I didn’t argue with a single soul. I swung first and asked questions later. Kammie was always the one who tried to be the voice of reason, but she was riding with us whether we were right or wrong, and I missed that about her most. I made a mental note to try and reach out to them before I drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I woke up wishing that I would’ve never let Darius’ annoying ass come over my house. He had been texting me from the very second he left my house, and the shit was getting on my nerves. Couldn’t he see that I left his ass on read? 

After I completed my morning hygiene and took a hot shower, I decided that I was going to wear my long curly hair in a high bun. I was tired and didn’t feel like dealing with my hair. All I wanted to do was get a few more hours of sleep but that was wishful thinking. My ringing phone interrupted me from my thoughts.

Looking at the name flash across my screen, I debated on answering the phone or letting it go to voicemail. I knew that if I didn’t answer he would keep calling and that headache was not needed. 

“Hey, baby,” I sang into the phone.

“Kiyomi, we need to talk,” he snapped.

“Well damn, good morning to you too! Who the hell pissed you off?” I frowned.

“Meet me downstairs.” He demanded, hanging up in my face. I had immediately grown irritated. He didn’t even bother to ask if I had to be at work. Obviously, he didn’t care because he knew my schedule. I quickly slipped on a cami and a pair of sweats and went outside to see what the hell was so important that this nigga had to be outside my house this early in the morning. Furthermore, he knew I hated pop up visits. 

I tried to keep our sexual encounters at a minimum. As long as I kept him happy enough to keep my rent paid, we were good. If he wasn’t married, he would’ve been the only nigga I was fucking but he wasn’t always available, so I had to deal with Darius for the time being.

“Look, my wife found out about my other bank account, the one that’s set up to pay your rent. I knew I should’ve kept my shit in cash!” he fumed. I didn’t like to wait on cash so a few years ago, I made him get a bank account so I could have access to his funds whenever I needed to.

“Well, what the fuck do you want me to do about it?” I replied with my arms folded across my chest. It was always some bullshit with him. How the hell he managed to let his wife find out about his bank account was beyond me. This was why niggas always got caught, being careless.

“I told her that it’s for a building I’m renting to start a business, but I could tell she didn’t believe me. If she finds out about you, she gon’ leave my ass and then everybody gon’ find out about us.” He warned.

It was only eight in the morning and I was already over this day. I didn’t give a fuck about his wife; she wasn’t my problem, but I needed my rent paid. I sure as hell didn’t want anyone to find out about us so I had to think quick.

“Okay, just give me a few days and I can make it look like you’re running a legit business.” I replied. 

 “C’mere, girl and give me a hug wit yo pretty ass.” He smiled as he pulled me into a hug and gripped my round ass. The way his hands roamed my curvaceous frame instantly made me wet. But I had to stay focused. Plus, I just had sex with Darius and my kitty was a bit sore. There was no way I could take another pounding.

“I gotta finish getting dressed for work, baby. Just give me a day or two to give you the details and we can go from there,” I said, pulling away from his embrace.

“Yo, why you always tryna dismiss me and shit? I know you ain’t in a rush to go to that funky ass job. Call and tell they ass you ain’t coming in today!”

“What are you talking about? This lil funky ass job is the one that’s going on my resume and these people have already agreed to give me a letter of recommendation so don’t even try that shit.” I snapped.

 “I need to get back home anyway before her ass start blowin’ my shit up,” He replied as he checked his phone and placed it back into his pocket.

“Yeah, you do that cause I don’t need shorty blowin up my spot,” I joked. In all actuality, I was nervous as hell. I needed him so I could finish school. Once I graduate and take the bar exam, his services will no longer be needed. I hated that it had to be him, but at the time, he was the best candidate for the job, and in that moment, I didn’t think about who would get hurt in the process. It was a fucked up situation, but now wasn’t the time to deal with secrets being revealed. My main focus was graduating law school and taking the bar exam so I could work my way up the corporate ladder. It may have sounded selfish to some, but if I didn’t have my back, who would?

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