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One of Cole Hart Signature’s newer authors, Siren, kicked off her literary career with her bestselling series, Someone To Call Bae. After much anticipation, Siren is ready to follow up her gripping part one with Someone To Call Bae 2 on July 14th. Below is a sneak preview of what’s to come tomorrow.

Chapter One: Ice

“Can I talk to you?” Trinity asked as I tried to call Jaya for the umpteenth time. 

“There ain’t shit to talk about.” I dismissed Trinity. 

“You have reached, 7..8..6” Jaya’s voicemail spoke as I hung up. 

“I’m having your baby Isaiah.”

“Bitch you lying. I ain’t smashed for a minute.” I tried to ignore Trinity. 

“No Jaya’s baby ain’t yours. But I’m carrying your son.” Trinity got snappy. 

I didn’t have time for this bullshit. I wasn’t fucking Trinity and I ain’t been fucking Trinity since right before the food truck opened. She could miss me with that shit. I needed to find my keys so I could go find my bitch. 

“Don’t think I won’t tell my dad how you been acting!” Trinity yelled from behind me as I walked back towards the house.  

“Bitch, fuck you and yo daddy.” I remembered that my keys was sitting on the island in my mother’s kitchen. 

“Jayson Mitchell is my dad.” 

A nigga was already light skinned and the little bit of color I had, had drained from my face. “What the fuck did you say?”

“You been fucking my sister, Isaiah. You should really watch who you deal with. You thought my dad was really tripping about you fucking Jaya. No, he was pissed that you was fucking both of his daughters.” 

A nigga didn’t even know how to respond to that. Trinity and Jaya didn’t even look alike. I had not an inkling that I had smashed sisters. I was only with Trinity for a month, fucked the bitch only three times. I didn’t know who her family was. And I for sure wasn’t trying to be a family with her. 

I was really feeling like both her and her bitch ass daddy had set me up. Because who the fuck waits months to say they pregnant? Hearing Trinity’s voice, she was the bitch that was playing on my phone. She knew about Jaya’s baby not being biologically mine because Jayson told her. Jaya only had Shawnie, Keyonna, and her dad. And the only person that knew Trinity was Jayson. 

I knew Jayson was foul but I didn’t know he was moving like that. He had a whole other daughter, and nobody knew about that shit. I was starting to wonder if he told Trinity to get at me to keep ties on me. But the pussy was trash, so she wasn’t ever going to be the one. I wasn’t claiming no baby without no DNA and my only concern was getting my bitch back. 

“You ain’t got nothing to say?” Trinity rubbed on her stomach. “You going to be here for me and our baby?”

“I ain’t claiming shit until I get a DNA test. Ain’t shit changed between me and you. I don’t fuck with you, Trinity, and if you thought trapping me with a baby was going make me be with you, you only played yourself.” I walked back into my mother’s house, leaving Trinity looking stupid in the front yard. 

I already knew that when I went back into the house, me and Shawnie was going to go toe to toe. But I needed to find my girl.  Shawnie was like my brother, and I hated that it had to come to this. I wasn’t no scary nigga and Shawnie had hands. But I did too. However, when came to Jaya, I would go to war with her whole family. That was my bitch, and I wasn’t letting no one come between us, including my possible baby mama aka Jaya’s sister. 

This shit was too ghetto.

Get Part One Below.

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