Torn Without You by Leilani is for the thug romance lovers. Start with this book, and fall in love with complex characters and a story full of page-turning romance. If you like stories like One Minute I Hate You or In Thug Love With A Ch-Town Millionaire by J. Dominique, you’ll LOVE this urban romance.

Sometimes, the people you love most turn out to be the people you trust the least. Meet the Westbrooks, a prominent family from Raleigh, North Carolina. They’re known for a successful house of worship. But everything in this family isn’t holy.

It all started with the sweet and beautiful Karmen Westbrooks – the baby of the bunch. To the family she was the perfect princess and could do no wrong. All she wanted to do was follow the rules and make her parents proud. But pressure and influence leads her down a road that she will never forget. What was supposed to be a night of fun turned into a night of regret that will follow her forever?

The same demons that follow Karmen are there to stay. And she isn’t the only one with a story to tell. Follow this emotional rollercoaster of deep family secrets, unintentional betrayal, lies, deceit, and more.

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