Till This Hood Love Do Us Part 3



Khadeen finds herself on a non-stop, emotional rollercoaster speeding faster than the beating of her broken heart. With tears in her eyes as she watches her baby father, the man that she absolutely adores making love to his ex causes her insufferable pain that won’t be easily healed.

Hovain has stood on one thing and one thing only when it came to Khadeen, and that was his love for her. Nothing in the world means more to him than her. Yet, he can’t seem to find the words to let her fully in. Time isn’t on his side, and when he has to sit down for a few years, he risks losing the only person he’s ever truly loved.

Croix and Sinclair are the perfect couple on paper. He loves her, and she breathes him. Nothing seems too big for them to conquer but the secret Sinclair holds begins to be too much. Time apart gives them time to figure things out; the only problem is the solution isn’t a pretty one.

Till This Hood Love Do Us Part is a story about loving your partner through the good and standing ten toes down for them through the bad. But what happens when the bad leads to personal growth and the future these couples once saw isn’t as pretty as they pictured?

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