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This Summer is Lit isn’t just another hood love story. It’s heart wrenching, African American Urban Fiction tale that’s riveting and a must-read. You will not be disappointed by this romance fiction written by national bestselling author Cole Hart.

Summer began her journey in the streets at the tinder age of fourteen. The notorious South Augusta neighborhood called Barton Village, surrounded by single mothers, broken dreams and heavy weight drug dealers. Growing up in this environment, Summer craved a life beyond what her eyes could see. As a seventeen year-old mother of two, she wanted to be more than just another statistic. She wanted the finer things in life and she was determined to have them. Summer’s flawless face and dangerous curves, gave her an advantage. But it was her mind and temper that made her a threat to those in her path. Highly motivated by the streets and the material life, Summer goes for what she wants. She in turn leaves broken hearts and confused minds behind.

When tragedy strikes twice in the same night, Summer decides to go harder than she’s ever gone before. She quickly evolves into one of the most treacherous women that the city of Augusta has ever seen; moreover, spinning a deadly web and leaving a bloody path. Just when she thinks she’s made it to the top of the world, the earth shifts. Summer finds herself behind bars and staring at concrete walls. Summer then becomes a woman scorned and feels the world owes her everything. With a new mind frame and ambition out the roof, Summer is ready to cross names off her list using her enemies blood. With the Pawns set in place, the game is hers. However, with one wrong move, she may lose it all.

The novel, This Summer Is Lit is a captivating tale written from the imagination of National Bestselling author, Cole Hart. This tale of pain, love, and destruction will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. You will be left speechless. If you’re a fan of African American romance, urban fiction, hood love, thug love stories, this is a must read.

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