Raised with the ideal perception of love Indigo had it all. A family who had her back, a man who held her down and a thriving business. Beauty and brains made her the ultimate package. But when she’s put in a position where she must survive, Indigo loses her cool. Life as she knows it takes a turn for the worse. Instead of leaning on her man Jasper he falls short. The life she became accustomed too had to end. Instead of taking the easy way out, Jasper digs deeper, forcing Indigo to choose between what she knew was best and who she thought she knew best.
What happens when the streets is all they know? Can you forgive and forget or will it be too much of a burden to go back?
Coming from a single parent household, Yhari is no stranger to working hard to get what she wants. At twenty-three she has everything a young woman could ever dream of. A successful modeling career, a nice car and a penthouse that she shares with her boyfriend Garrett. With everything at her fingertips, what could possibly go wrong?
Yhari soon learns that everything in her relationship is not what it seems and when she is hit left field with devastating news, her world comes crashing down.
With a broken heart, Yhari does her best to move forward with her life and forget about Garrett. Little does she know, Garrett has an agenda of his own. Will Yhari follow her first mind and leave the situation alone? Or will she follow her instincts and discover the truth?
Theresa Reese and Tasha Mack team up again to bring yet another enthralling series that is sure to leave you speechless and wanting more.

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