A soft life is the only life that Corinne had been accustomed to. As a luxury lifestyle blogger, she relished the freedom that came with being provided for. Despite her man’s occasional bad temper, Corinne appreciated sitting pretty and stress free. After seven long years, she was excited to finally wear Reece’s ring and his last name. However, Corinne soon finds out that all that glitters ain’t gold when she stumbles upon the unthinkable on her wedding day. Her life takes a drastic turn just hours before making it down the aisle, and she must figure out how to pick up the pieces. The plan was to to figure it out on her own, until she met the charming, younger man named Kaizen.

Kaizen is a young hustler with a vision that expands far beyond the street life. With a family to feed and a daughter to raise, he realizes early on that there’s no longevity in the drug game. That’s why he’s putting in the work to build something tangible to pass down to his baby girl. With a successful real estate business on the rise, Kaizen is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Everyone can’t come along for the ride, and Kaizen realizes this after discovering that his wife, Yahne’ had more love for the streets than she did for him.

Corinne and Kaizen’s meeting was pure happenstance. With both battling their own demons and drama, romance was the last thing on their minds. However, their chemistry was undeniable, so they decided to let fate take its course. But with an impending divorce, bitter exes, and a violent betrayal in their view, their budding romance may not be so easy after all.

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