The Wife Of A Certified Henchman 3

Bestselling author Miss Jazzie brings an unputdownable, African American Urban novel about love, betrayal, deep secrets, and tons of page-turning romance.

Love is what you make it and with whom you make it. There is no time frame on when to fall in love and what love makes us do. If we could control it, this would be a perfect world.

Makeda had it all, a medical degree, the husband of her dreams, and they would like to have kids. With a sudden change of events, her world is turned upside down, and secrets are revealed. She is left to fend for herself. With her friends in tow, will she have her sanity when the dust settles?

Kadafi and his brothers are known as the Gangsta Disciples. The only thing they know is to kill or be killed. Kadafi loves and loves hard, but will meeting Makeda make him love even harder? Or will it scare her away?

Everybody has a story to tell, but the story behind these pages is full of love, lost, hurt, and turmoil. Things done in the dark that will come to the light. Get ready for this rollercoaster of emotions that will have you at the edge of your seat and craving for more.


Enjoy this final ride as all secrets are exposed, and every heart gets broken. All hearts don’t break even, but even the past comes back to haunt you. Who will protect you from the unthinkable?

Makeda has a choice to make. Will she choose happiness or misery? Love over loyalty? She had been led in the blind almost her entire life, but will she finally take off the rose-colored glasses?

Nandi loves Rhomyrin. They are the perfect match, toxic at its best. When an old flame rears its ugly head, will Nandi weather the storm or walk away with grace?

Noremi has been holding a secret that could destroy everything she has built with Ezekiel. When the information falls into his lap, will Ezekiel still choose her or take her down a few notches from that pedestal he has her so high on?

Take this final ride with Kadafi, Rhomyrin, and Ezekiel, also known as the Gangsta Disciples, as they juggle their women’s hearts as well as a few bodies.

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