Sis Get Your Bag



From author Yasauni comes an enthralling, pipping hot, new hood love story standalone. This scandalous novel, Sis Get Your Bag, will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

After doing a bid with no family to help her, and a husband that added to a stressful situation, Envi Campbell Saint was ready to take back her life. Being the type of woman that hated to ask for handouts, she was ready to go back to the block and hustle just to survive. After encountering the first man to ever turn her away, Envi is shocked when he becomes the same man to save her.

Syn is the man in the streets, but nobody knows who he really is. Once he sets his eyes on Envi, he starts to go after what he wants; however, everything changes when an unknown enemy wants the same thing.

In the thick of this twisted tale of love, will Syn and Envi be able to have the love that they desire? Or will their love affair end in tragedy during the war?

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