Property Of A Hood Millionaire 2

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Falling for his hood rich energy is everything; especially when he has all plans of catching you.
Kiyomi finds herself face to face with the man who broke her heart. As unresolved feelings surface, will she allow him to spin the block once more? Or, will she kick him to the curb for good?
With Dodge on one hand and Hendrix on the other, she has her plate full. However, it’s only one baller that has truly captured her heart. But the question is, who will she choose?
With danger lurking close by, Dodge has a lot going on and his brother Dameon is at the center of the drama that’s surrounding him. Keisha has been cut off, but to what extent and for how long? Kiyomi has stolen his heart, but will he man up and prove himself before it’s too late?
Property of a Hood Millionaire series is a love story capturing relatable drama that’s heart-pounding, sassy, and unputdownable. Centered around love or the lack thereof, experience the journey surrounding Kiyomi, Dodge, and their surrounding friends and family as they navigate life’s obstacles. Hands down one of the best series you’ll read this year. Period.

1 review for Property Of A Hood Millionaire 2

  1. lil one

    Very good read. D got me questioning him and his motives. Keisha and Kay need to get it together. Doge is the bae but what is Dontae up to I need to know can’t wait to read part 3

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