Peaches: A Hood Love Story



Bestselling author, Dani Littlepage returned with her latest standalone novel, Peaches: A Hood Love Story! This gripping yet heart wrenching story is about love, lost, and perseverance. 

With an alcoholic mother, a fake best friend, and a subpar baby father, life for Amara “Peaches” Fredricks is a struggle. The beautiful, twenty-year-old young woman had it rough since childhood. Since she practically raised herself, anything she wanted from essentials to desires, she had to work laboriously for it. Although Peaches didn’t mind being a hard-working mother and was always able to keep her bills paid, she yearned for a better life. A life much better than the one she was subjected to, and she needed it to change like yesterday.

Logan, her boyfriend of many years, goes from a nickel and dime hustler to a jack boy. With more money coming in, he’s able to provide Peaches and their two-year-old child with the finer things in life. With new opportunities being presented to the young couple, she’s eager to move away from the projects that she grew up in. However, when a tragic incident sends her world crashing down, Peaches is forced to strive for a better life alone.

Follow Peaches and her journey in Dani Littlepage’s latest hood love story, Peaches.

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