Magnolia & Dior 2

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In this final installment, hearts are shattered, bonds are broken, and lives are lost. Zenobia made a life without Magnolia and met someone special along the way. She is over the fact of Magnolia not forgiving her for killing their baby girl, and she is tired of apologizing for it.

Magnolia feels something for Dior, but something is telling him to run for the hills. He doesn’t trust his gut and falls victim to Dior and her sex appeal. Does Dior really love Magnolia? Or was he just a pawn in a bigger game of chess? Will Magnolia ever forgive Zenobia for what she did? Was any of it real?

Find out in the finale of this Hood Love Story that’s short and sweet, yet anything but perfect.

1 review for Magnolia & Dior 2

  1. lil one

    Jazzie has done it again and never disappoints. I hate to see it end but man oh man this body had to many secrets revealed. Nobby is really a boss and can’t be denied that some of the things she went through is so real and needs to be talked about more because postpartum is a real thing. Now magnolia had so much going I wanted to punch him in the throat letting Dior get to him like that he knew good and well he wasn’t letting Nobby Go. Now Dior had me fooled baby. She is nothing like she seemed I won’t touch on that you gotta read to find out what I am talking about so go ahead and one click and while you reading go ahead and let me know what you think of MJ and his role in all this. This whole series was lit go ahead and find out for yourself….. JOB WELL DONE JAZZIE!!!!!

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