Low Key Lovin’ A Hood Millionaire 2


If you love black romance, this well-written sequel is sure to please. Low Key Lovin’ A Hood Millionaire 2 is filled with suspense, romance, and drama!

Unplanned Romance

Haters Hating

Retreat Needed

Chaos & Confusion

Apollo and Junie were ambushed. Their vehicle was riddled with bullets. Junie tried to drive away, but she crashed, hitting her head on the steering wheel. She has swelling on her brain and nonstop bleeding. Apollo is unconscious with bullet wounds to his chest. At the hospital, doctors called time of death. How will the family handle the bad news?

Ocho and Navy finally make amends, but she is still having issues with Pokey. He claimed he had changed. Navy wanted to believe him, but she felt like he was still cheating, even though she didn’t have any proof. Will Navy continue to work on her relationship with Pokey? Or will she dump him and give Ocho another chance?

With Apollo out of the picture, A’Kayzee was vulnerable. Swervo felt responsible for her. Therefore, he became her protector and shoulder to cry on. They already had a work relationship. Due to the tragedy, they developed a personal relationship, becoming closer than ever. Sparks flew and feelings developed. However, Swervo will not take the relationship to the next level without his girl’s approval. Will A’Kayzee get the approval she needs in order to have a relationship with Swervo?

Lastly, Menace is out for revenge. He believes that Ocho set him up. With vengeance on his mind and hate in his heart, he intends to get Ocho back no matter what it takes. Even if that means attacking someone close to him. Find out what happens when you read Low Key Lovin’ A Hood Millionaire 2 by Princess Diamond.

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