Low Key Fallin’ For A Savage 2



A gripping yet bittersweet novel by #1 African American Women’s fiction bestselling author J. Dominique. This stunning new romance, Low Key Fallin For A Savage 2, will be just as unputdownable as the last.

Lights. Camera. Action… Living the life of the rich and famous or at least that is what it feels like for Dream and Destiny. Until it’s not.

For the sisters, things are looking up and they can’t help but smile. Dream is living the life she has always envisioned for herself, making her dreams come true. Not only is hers and Destiny’s business thriving but she is in love. Things between her and Eazy are better than she could’ve imagined. However, when things are going too good, the other shoe decides to drop. A blast from the past threatens to destroy their budding relationship, creating cracks in their sturdy foundation. Will the threat crumble their story before it truly begins? Or will Dream and Easy fight to protect what they have built?

After their very brief affair, Destiny is cool with Juice only being in her life for the sake of Yo’Sahn. Or at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. However, she keeps playing herself. Especially since the distraction of another man can’t lure her head and her heart away from the handsome, yet, rude thug that she loves to hate. But when tragedy strikes, Destiny proves exactly where her loyalty lies. Yet there’s someone lurking, who doesn’t want them to have a happily ever after and willing to go after the one person she loves the most. When her back is up against the wall, will Destiny rise to the top and show that she can be as savage as the next? Will she put her heart in the hands of a rude thug?

In Low Key Fallin’ for a Savage 2, everything is out in the open. Loyalty will definitely be tried. Unknown enemies will expose themselves. And daunting secrets threaten to disintegrate everything our favorite characters have built.

Part 1 available here.

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