Lil Mama From Oakland: A Hood Love Story


In the novel, Lil Mama From Oakland, Nadine, a young educated woman, struggles with self-love. She grew up in the ninety-six hundred block on the East side of Oakland, California. She never knew her father and her mother was murdered when she was a little girl. All the love she ever got was from her granny; until she met Deandre. Nadine thought Deandre could be the guy she would spend the rest of her life with. She wanted babies, a big wedding, someone who would cater to her and give her everything she could ever dream of. Deandre, however, couldn’t give her that.

Deandre tried to be the man that Nadine needed, but he failed miserably. He, without a doubt, loved Nadine, but his addiction to the streets trumped all. Thugging and selling drugs was all he knew. Living the street life led him to cheat on her multiple times. He felt bad when he got Chante pregnant, but there was nothing he could do to make her have an abortion. Having a daughter didn’t make him change. What he ends up doing to Chante would be the ultimate betrayal and would cause her to have a breakdown. Will she stay or will she leave?

Kim, Nadine’s supposed best friend kept keeping lies from her. They did everything together including opening up a hair salon. When Damonte shows up at the salon, Kim encourages Nadine to go on a date with him. Her motives behind the hookup will leave you in tears. Kim ends up pregnant by Deandre’s best friend, Kadaris. Kadaris denies getting her pregnant and tells her to stay away from him and his baby mama. She ends up finding love with another man, but that is short-lived when he finds out she has been a snake to Nadine.

Although Nadine and Deandre have a complicated relationship, they will soon realize that being there for one another is all they know how to do. Stay tuned in Lil Mama From Oakland to see if they are able to come together and make their relationship work or if it’s best for them to go their separate ways.

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