Lil Mama A Ryder: A Chicago Love Story



From Kevina Hopkins comes a gripping, African American Urban fiction, romance series, Lil Mama A Ryder: A Chicago Love Story. 
Growing up as the baby of the family, Chyna had the life that most would only dream of. As long as she followed her parents’ simple rules, she would have the world handed to her. With so much to look forward to once she turned eighteen, Chyna remained on the straight and narrow. When her parents went back on their word, Chyna no longer did as they said; ultimately, resulting in her parents cutting her off.
No longer having her parents to back her up, Chyna hits the streets to attempt to do the only thing she has seen her father and brother do her entire life, hustle. The game is different for women and Chyna quickly learns that. But, having the hunger to get it out the mud, she quickly adapts to the game and makes the game her bitch.
When she crosses paths with Maddox, Chyna doesn’t know what to expect, but she was intrigued. Mixing business with pleasure proves to be tougher than Chyna presumed. When Maddox wants more than what Chyna is willing to give, their situation takes a turn for the worse. When Maddox and Chyna both try to make each other jealous, hidden feelings emerge; which, leaves Chyna questioning who she should really be riding for. Take this ride in this twisted love tale and find out if lil mama is the ryder that she always claimed to be.

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