Lil Mama A Ryder 2: A Chicago Love Story



From Kevina Hopkins comes a gripping, African American Urban fiction & romance finale, Lil Mama A Ryder 2: A Chicago Love Story.
Chyna is back and ready to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. After proving her family wrong—showing she doesn’t need them—Chyna continues to hustle harder than she ever has before. For Chyna, everything was going smoothly, but as life would have it, the hurdles and curveballs began. Betrayal rears its ugly head, and relationships Chyna thought could withstand anything crumbled before her eyes. Chyna tries to shut down and shut everyone out, but Josh refuses to allow it.
Josh reminds Chyna that she is not alone and that he would be by her side as she picked up the pieces of her life one by one. Chyna realizes Josh has been the only one who remained loyal through the ups and downs of her life. If Chyna had it her way, Josh would be her happily ever after. But with struggling with trust issues, Chyna didn’t know if she could love Josh the way he deserved to be loved
Just when everything seems to be going perfect, tragedy strikes and truths reveal in Chyna’s world. These truths have her questioning everything and everyone, including her own team. Chyna decides she wants more than the streets have to offer. And in the process of rebuilding her life for the third time, a blast from the past swoops into Chyna’s world, attempting to rekindle an old flame. Will Chyna find love again? Is she able to successfully leave the streets alone, or is the thrill too much? In Lil Mama A Ryder 2, take this final ride with Chyna and see how far her ryding for those she loves takes her.

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