King & Armani: A Hood Love Story



From Kevina Hopkins comes a new, gripping, urban romance, King & Armani, a hood love story that’ll leave you speechless.

Armani Wilkins became an instant believer in lust at first sight, the moment she laid eyes on Quincy ‘King’ McCall. The chemistry between the two couldn’t be denied, and Armani didn’t try to fight it. Unfortunately, Armani starts their relationship off on the wrong foot and finds herself telling lie after lie to cover herself.

When a life-changing event occurs in Armani’s life, and her mother hits her with an ultimatum, Armani does what she thinks is best for her. She tells yet another lie and sets ahead on a journey to Atlanta—leaving her Chicago life and King behind. King was left lost, confused, and forced to pick up the pieces of his life and start over, without Armani.

After years of being gone from the Chi, Armani thinks it’s safe to return for a visit. Upon her return she runs into King, and every secret she’s kept hidden is brought to the surface. This causes her to have to relive the years she tried so hard to hide. Both Armani and King thought the feelings they had for each other were gone until they are back in the presence of one another.

The walls Armani built over the last four years were instantly torn down in one two-week visit. When her secrets are revealed, she is forced to pull up her big girl pants and do what’s right for everyone involved, including her heart.

Will King ever be able to forgive Armani for her secrets? Or will she be forced to live without her love again? Take this ride with King and Armani and see if their love can withstand lies and deceit.

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