King & Armani 3: A Hood Love Story



After the loss of her mother, Armani struggles to move through day-to-day life. The strength and love that King provided, keeps her together. Between PJ and Trent, Armani finds herself sinking back into the deep, dark hole she fought so hard to climb out of. She realizes there is target on her back and her life is on the line.
King wants nothing more than to enjoy life and happiness with Armani. However, there is always someone lurking in the shadows, waiting to bring Armani nothing but pain and hurt. He has had enough of wiping away her tears of pain caused by other’s and vows to make every person who has hurt her, pay, and will not stop until the sparkle returns to Armani’s eye and the smile rests on her face.

Is King able to succeed in bringing happiness back to Armani’s life, so they can finally enjoy their happily ever after? Or will life tragedies and curveballs prove to be too much for Armani to handle? Take this final ride with Armani and King and find out if their love conquers all.

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