King & Armani 2: A Hood Love Story



From Kevina Hopkins comes a drama-filled sequel, King & Armani 2, a hood love story that’s full of betrayal, romance, and heartache.

Armani and King are back with bigger obstacles than before. Although they are ready to settle down and be together the right way, their pasts reminded them that it won’t be that easy. 

PJ refuses to let go of Armani. He will do whatever it takes to have her, and no is not an option. PJ goes above and beyond to try and prove to Armani that he is the one for her. However, when he commits the ultimate betrayal, that lands him in the hospital and King in jail, Armani stands firm on her decision that he’s not the one for her.

Olivia thought she had a fool proof plan to get pregnant and pin the baby on King. But when King shows her who he truly wants, wrenches are thrown in Olivia’s plan. Is Olivia able to pull it off? Or will the entire plan blow up in her face?

When at odds with King, Armani meets Trent. Although Armani sees him as a friend only, Trent has hidden agendas that nobody is aware of. Is he able to make the moves that he set out to make? Or will Armani catch on to him before he even gets started?

Will King and Armani get their happily ever after, or will they continue to co-parent the best they can? Take this ride with the crew to find out if they are all able to get what they want? Or will the efforts behind it prove to be too much?

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