Authors Theresa Reese & Tasha Mack continue their series with It’s His Other Baby Mama’s For Me 3, an exhilarating yet captivating urban romance sequel.

Finding out a shocking confession left Isa, Ryleigh and Remi with more questions than answers. Cynthia and Fallon are more alike than the eyes meet. Abandoning their daughters, mistreating them while harboring secrets that could make or break them.

 Following the bomb that was dropped on them, the Perry brothers have to deal with drama of their own. Not ones to give up easily; Tayvin, Jasmine, Leah and Casey are willing to fight for their baby daddies. Is the damage irreversible? Can they reel them back into their homes and bedrooms? Are the secrets too overwhelming? Bonds are broken, loyalty is tested and being the bigger person while letting the past be the past is too much to handle. 

In this gripping tale who will move forward and who will break. Find out and dive into this series of baby mama drama, sisters, lovers, brothers and friends. Theresa Reese and Tasha Mack are back again with another installment that is sure to leave you speechless and wanting more.

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