In Thug Love With A Chi-Town Millionaire 2


What would you do when faced with your man’s first love? That’s the dilemma that Ca’Mahri has found herself in, and she couldn’t be more torn. Tania’s back, and while her situation is one that Ca’Mahri can sympathize with, she isn’t sure where that will leave her and Dinero. Will he be able to separate the past from the present? Or will old feelings come back that will destroy what Ca’Mahri and him are building?

Camille and Cash were going through their own set of relationship problems, and it seemed like he proved her right about everything she thought she knew about his type. Cash is in for the fight of his life when it comes to finally locking Camille down, but he’s used to getting what he wants, including the no nonsense beauty. There are still other obstacles in the couple’s way that he’ll have to handle, his baby mama being one of them. Will Cash be able to win back the heart of the woman he loves? Or is there too much drama and secrecy surrounding their union for Camille to take him seriously?

In this second installment, the gang is being hit from every side. Secrets will be exposed; drama is always lurking, and a war may be brewing. Will the couples be able to survive? Or will being in thug love prove too much for them all?

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