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From the bestselling author of The Sunday School Teacher comes another gripping, heart-wrenching novel full of page-turning romance, unexpected twists, and a quest for a woman to find her soulmate.


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It’s like a dream come true when young girls, young ladies, and grown women actually find that one man that they could be with forever. However, in the real world, men can be heartless.

Lazy men.

Cheating men.

Lying men.

Love is not that easy to find. Asia is a young lady with high hopes and dreams of finding her husband. But the thing is, she was looking for it in the wrong places. Falling in love with a drug dealer comes with a high price.
Of course, a pretty girl is a hustler’s dream, but several pretty women is a bigger dream. It’s like a love so good. Women always using the phrase: I need that Thug lovin’. Or he got to be bring something to the table or it’s no deal. Blah Blah Blah.

In this hot new African American urban romance, Cole Hart draws you in with a heartfelt love story that’s funny, witty, and classy even. So ladies, with that being said, get your glass of wine or get your tea because I’m Just Tryin’ To Be Somebody’s Wife is about to take you for an unforgettable ride.

Hey frieeend! I’m not even sure if I’m saying friend right. Anyway, to all my lady friends around the world, I’m about to vent for a few minutes. This boyfriend BS is for the birds. Honestly, am I the only woman in the world that wants to have a damn good husband? Okay, we can start off going together and stuff. But after that, let’s make it happen. I want my wedding to go viral on the Shaderoom, too.

Couple Goals.

Wifey material.

Husband and Wife.

All that, but nah… Most of us got to go through pure hot hell. From getting cheated on, and babies popping up by side chicks, to getting stalked on social media by her and her clown friends. Just all types of drama.

Please, and everyone doesn’t have to answer at the same damn time. I just hate to feel like I can’t find a husband. Like really, I got caught up with this young dude. You know the type. He had the dreads, the green eyes, and he was skinny too; it was that sexy type of skinny though. But he was shady as hell! Always chasing these low-level chicks knowing he got a good woman at home.

“Uggg!” is all I could say. Then his so-called side chick had the nerve to come up to my job, trying to fight me about my MF man. Excuse my language, but I need to vent; I need to vent to someone that can relate to me. Now mind you, I work at the most ratchet Wal-Mart in Augusta, Georgia. Not a big job, but I had one, nevertheless.

“Sis, block his number and let lil ugly have him.” is what my best friend told me to do. I’m not about to sit up here and lie, ladies, I tried. But he had me mentally messed up; I mean, he knew he was working with something. Anyway, he was a different kind of crazy. Like, dude shot at me in my apartment, and had the nerve to get me evicted!

But guess what? I got out that situation and honey when I tell you I finally met him. All I could say was, “God don’t make no mistakes.” This brother was like a breath of fresh air. You know that feeling you get. We all get it. When we finally meet him, he makes your entire body tingle. It’s like everything that you hoped for, wanted, and dreamed of finally came true.

And then this happens.

Cole Hart is a natural storyteller — a mastermind even — at capturing the reader’s attention. His latest release, I’m Just Tryin’ To Be Somebody’s Wife, will have you laughing, in tears, and on the edge of your seat in this ingeniously constructed, puzzle of a love story.

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