Hooked On That Thug Love 2: An Urban Fiction Romance



Missy is on the floor with Nitro after he is shot by Stormy. She doesn’t know what to do or who to call. She wished that she had never left the safe house. Her emotions were running high as Nitro fought to breathe. He had been the blessing that she was looking for. Now, she might have to face life without him.

Missy knew that this was the life she signed up for when she started dating a prominent member of the Chicago Mafia. Life was though. The man who broke down her wall of trust and thought her how to love again, might be taking his last breath.

Nitro comes from a family of goons. His siblings have his back no matter what. They would stab, kill, and steal for him if that’s what it took. However, there is someone who has been watching Nitro. Deep-rooted hatred fuels the revenge. This person wants Nitro to suffer at all costs and nothing will stop them from getting revenge they feel they deserve.

Secrets come to light when Nitro and Missy realize that people from their past will do anything to make them pay. Bullets fly and someone close to Missy dies. Will Nitro survive? Where is Polina? Is it true that she is a man? Where is Onika at? Trust me, you don’t want to miss this explosive book is full of drama, twists, and turns. Read this finale and find out the shocking ending in Hooked On That Thug Love 2.

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