Dejah Rice returned with Hood Rich, Toxic & He Got My Heart; expect the unexpected with this exhilarating sequel.

Honey has always believed she would choose who she fell in love with until she meets Ondrej Prince, and their love story unfolds on its own. Hood rich love is something she’s never craved until she gets a taste of it and can’t get enough. She soon learns that love isn’t always so easy. With the past creeping into her present, she’ll have to make hard decisions. The only problem is that when she chooses a side, she will have to stay there, but all she wants is her happily ever after.

When Ondrej finds everything he wants in a woman in Honey, he just knows his life will change for the better. Until he figures out those closest to her are out to get him. Not knowing who to trust, he’ll do what’s best for his family, but he’s not letting go of her too easily. Their love may be toxic and seem impossible, but it’s more than worth it to a thug who’s had his fair share of women. Unfortunately, those same women aren’t willing to let him have happiness if they aren’t at the center of it.

Things only get messier from here and when everyone’s truths start falling out the closet, it sets off a whole chain of unfortunate events. Can Honey and Ondrej get it together, or will the actions of those closest to them cause them to fall apart in the most toxic way?

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