Godfather of Atlanta

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The Godfather Of Atlanta is a masterpiece and well-crafted novel from the mind of Cole Hart.
A page-turner is an understatement.

Young Hollywood, the youngest goon of a notorious rich clique from Hollywood Court projects, is destined to make his name known throughout the entire Westside of Atlanta. Certified and ruthless, Young Hollywood is worth half a million before the age of sixteen. He was well on his way until tragedy struck. Young Hollywood’s home is invaded, and his son is held for ransom. Violated, bloodthirsty and reckless, he vows for revenge as he combs the city for answers.

Once inside the Georgia Penal System, Young Hollywood continues on his ruthless path; until he is placed on high max with hardened criminals. There, Young Hollywood meets up with a man he never knew before. After they unite, the real A-Town Veteran is released from prison after serving twenty straight years; however not before sucking up every piece of game and knowledge he could.

This entertaining triumph goes from the streets, to the prison system and to the corporate world of record labels and rap entertainment. This highly anticipated, descriptive urban novel about crime, corruption, and passion in Atlanta’s own underworld will have you on your toes from the first page to the very last. This is one masterpiece you’ll never want to end.

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