Godfather of Atlanta 2

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The Godfather Of Atlanta is a masterpiece and well crafted novel from the mind of Cole Hart.
A page turner is a understatement.

Hammer is still at the top of his game. However, the street, millionaire, goon, Six Nine, being released from Rice street will cause more problems than he can handle. But Hammer is a smart man, and now with his very own son, Young Hollywood, stepping out of prison after doing a lengthy sentence, he’s coming home to a war that he may or may not be ready for. Back in position with his son and his ride or die chick, Sasha, things are looking pretty good for him. But in the underworld of Atlanta, lives are at stake. Cliques are stronger and even richer than they were when he was on the streets before. The Black Cartel are deep and fierce. And when they strike Hammer, he loses a loved one in his family that may make him retire to his casket.

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