Com•mit•ted – feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause; wholeheartedly dedicated

Summer Fields is affectionately known as the Princess of the hood. Born and raised in the projects, she decides she wants more than what the hood has to offer. Her days of glamorizing the streets has come to an end and she wants nothing more than to elevate. Just when she has the perfect exit plan, things take a turn for the worse forcing her to stumble backwards. After her boyfriend Chaz leaves her in a compromising situation, she must decide if she’s cut out for all that comes with being in a relationship with a man who has a heavy street presence. Will Summer fold under pressure or will she be the ride or die chick?

Psalm Delaroux has the world at his fingertips. An investment banker by day and Kingpin by night, he makes leading a double life look easy. Being equipped with hustle and intellect proved to be the perfect recipe needed to govern the streets. After being betrayed by someone he thought he could trust, Psalm quickly learns that things are not what they seem. When he stumbles across Summer, he is immediately intrigued by her charismatic personality and caring nature. The only problem is, Summer is harboring a secret that could destroy his image of her. A man of principle, Psalm built his entire empire on loyalty but what happens when that foundation is tested?

Secrets emerge and relationships are tested. Revenge rears it’s ugly head causing turmoil in both Psalm and Summer’s life that could eventually turn deadly. Will Summer come clean about her past and if she does, will Psalm perceive her in the same light? Find out as Tasha Mack takes you on a journey you won’t forget. 

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