From the authors Theresa Reese & Tasha Mack comes a well-crafted, enthralling urban romance finale.

With Marlow fighting for her life and Des on the run, Nina puts all her focus on Ky. That is until she is no longer in control of the situation. After overcoming yet another traumatic experience, Marlow is left to deal with the harsh reality that it’s time to grow up and get her life together. In the finale, Marlow is determined to get the man she wants; while hoping that the man she had doesn’t come back. These obstacles make it nearly impossible for her to move forward. Can she dodge the wrath of her abusive ex, Des? Or will he become an unwanted problem that needs to be dealt with?

Kiyan places his music career on the back burner as he struggles to get his life back in order. After deciding that he no longer wants to pursue Marlow, he opts to focus on getting Kiyana the help she needs to combat her addiction. Though he is no stranger to the hard life, a turn of events forces him to awaken the savage that he worked so hard to suppress. Anger being at the forefront of his emotions, he acts carelessly, nearly losing sight of the bigger picture. Secrets reveal that threaten to force a wedge between Kiyan and the people he thought he could trust. Will Marlow give Kiyan the chance to make things right between them? Take an emotional roller coaster ride through the streets of Atlanta in the finale, Capturing The Heart of an A-Town Savage 2.

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