A Rich Hood N*gga Wifed Me 2

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Bestselling author Kellz Kimberly continues her series with A Rich Hood N*gga Wifed Me 2, a must-read romance sequel that’ll have hooked from beginning to end.

Giving herself to someone fully has never been easy for Nori. Meeting Tymir lifted her soul from a dark place and brought her into the light. He catered to her needs, listened to her dreams & spoke positivity over everything that was her. The one thing he didn’t do was tell her about the one and only Kallie McKay. Kallie is on the prowl and refuses to let up off the love of her life.

Emani has always put everyone first, never realizing how much she should’ve been focusing on herself. A maybe baby lands her in Cali and into the arms of another. Jah isn’t fond of love, but for Emani, he’s willing to do whatever just so he can call Emani his own.

Guilt and trauma plague Raegan creating more fights between her and her sisters. Drama is brewing, but her love life continues to flourish with the dreamy Cassian.

They say the richer the n*gga, the harder women seem to fall in love. Tymir, Jah & Cassian all hit big bank, and the Brinks sisters are truly on edge. Yet one question still remainsโ€ฆ will these sisters be caught once they fall?

2 reviews for A Rich Hood N*gga Wifed Me 2

  1. MzCHPFan

    Kellz has done it again. I loved Nori & Ty together along with Emani & Jah, but Reagan got on my last nerve. There are so many curveballs to the point I wanted to jump in the pages and create my own story line!!

  2. Kobaby Mccluney

    Boy these some bold mfkers. Ion know who Kallie and DeShawn think they are but they playing with the wrong psychos cause Jah and Tymir missing a whole lot of screws. How Kallie thinks Ty gonna want to wife her when she done already gave someone else their first born. DeShawn at that. I think Shaleek an Opp, something ain’t right with him to me. I’m glad Reagan done made up with her sisters but she done fked up. I don’t know how she gonna put that money back but she betta pull it out her ๐Ÿ‘ some kind of way cause playing with them niccas money ain’t the way to go. Now her lil hot ๐Ÿฑ looking crazy all the way around. I’m gonna need part three asap cause the anticipation of waiting to see what popped off or who got popped is gonna do me in.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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