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Gave My Heart To A Cali Mob Boss 3 Author:


The Power of the P can either be the rise or fall of your empire, and Angelo learns this the hard way. With chaos, drama, and personal vendettas, Angelo is left with more questions, lacking answers. Unsure of who he can trust, his path becomes a gamble, bidding on what's to come next. Sanje just knew leaving her ex and moving on was going to be the highlight of her life. What she didn’t know was that the more power your man has, the more unwanted problems you have to face. With her life on the line, she is tested time and time again. Hurt, stubborn, and downright bitter best describes her true feelings. Sanje is conflicted with the idea that a boss is supposed to protect his family, yet Angelo has done nothing but put her and their child on the forefront to drama. Will their romantic flame be put on the back burner? Or will it withstand the hurdles thrown their way? The burning question still remains the same, does Sanje have what it takes to be the wife of a Cali mob boss? Theresa Reese pens a gripping finale of a tainted love story filled with dirty secrets, pandemonium, and turmoil.

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