Every Rich Man Deserves A Loyal Wife Author:


Love has been far off Chalynn’s radar since a past traumatic event that left her scared forever, but that’s about to change. She’s single and all about her hair salon with a sister who stays cheating on her man. Chalynn has to be on her toes because of it and she’s not surprised when the drama is brought to her shop. What she doesn’t expect is for a handsome rich man to come to her rescue. After that first encounter, she’ll quickly learn that all gangsters aren’t in the hood wreaking havoc. Some of them are right in your face and ready to make you a wife. The price? Loyalty. Dinero is the definition of self-made and he’s on his way to the top when tragedy strikes on his daughter’s eighth birthday. Everything changes after he seeks revenge and finds himself in jail facing a double murder charge. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel until an old friend of his mother’s shows up to lend a helping hand. Within the blink of an eye, Dinero has a new life in a new city and his only goal is to take over. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy when old faces pop up with new agendas. Heart shattering truths lurk in the shadows and new love is dropped off in his lap. He may not be looking for another chance at love but crossing paths with the stand-offish Chalynn surely does open doors. What’s supposed to be nothing more than business between the two quickly turns into more. But will Dinero be ready for something new? Or will guilt end it before it can ever start? Every rich man deserves a loyal wife but what happens when that loyalty is tested?


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