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He Still Messin' With His Baby Mama 2 Author:


In this final installment, British steps up to be the woman she was destined to be. Realizing that hiding her child from the world was the biggest mistake she could’ve ever made, she instantly regrets her decision. She struggles with doing the right thing. Not for the sake of her man but for the sake of the child she didn’t want. Will doing the right thing bring her the happiness she is hoping for? Esjay couldn’t phantom the thought of losing British to another man. He feels she is the love of his life, and he is willing to walk through fire to get her to see that. Adding another woman into the mix and still trying to juggle his love for the two previous women in his life, he is stuck in a hole that he can’t seem to dig himself out of. With everything going on around him, can Esjay get British to see that he is a changed man and get her back? Be ready to expect the unexpected. Nothing will be as it seems as more secrets are revealed, and new alliances are formed. Some will not make it out alive, while others will fight to the end to get their happily ever after. Find out who will come out on top in this finale of He Still Messin’ With His Baby Mama.

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