Dream & Drake Super Box Set: Entire Series Author: Princess Diamond


Dream & Drake is hands down one of the best African American Urban Fiction series. And now it’s available here in the entire SUPER BOXSET 1-4. In this four-book series you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author Princess Diamond. Her writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book. \n \nHeart pounding. \n \nNail biting. \n \nWomen's Fiction. \n \nStreet literature. \nDream & Drake series is legendary. Meet the Chicago Cartel and the infamous Diaz-Santana crime family. Live in the moment with as Princess Diamond as she brings you the complete box set of the most suspenseful, drama-filled, realistic compilation in Urban Fiction. \n \nDream is a stranger to struggle and life in the streets. The product of a loving, middle-class- two-parent home, she knows nothing about going without the basic necessities in life. The life Dream lives, is exactly that to the less fortunate: a Dream. Gifted with the finer things, Dream’s only concern is finishing school and finding a good man who will someday make her a mother and a wife. Dream knows exactly who and what she wants and she refuses to settle for less. When she meets Drake, Dream is immediately swept off her feet and falls victim to his charm and irresistible touch. Drake is everything that Dream has ever wanted in a man and more than she ever expected. \n \nThe moment Drake saw Dream, he secretly claimed her as his and made a vow to have her by any means necessary. Drake’s desire to have Dream as his own, has him willing to give up the street life and settle down. However, it’s not easy to walk away when you’re a Boss and others depend on you to survive. \n \nDrake’s brother Breeze is fresh out of jail after doing a two year bid and he needs his help. Marked as a weak link by the members of the Chicago Cartel, the crime family that raised and reared both Drake and Breeze, Breeze is depending on Dream to help him solidify his place in the family. Determined to show himself worthy, Breeze accepts the challenges required to earn the “Family’s” trust. Ready and willing to die for his seat at the round table, Breeze refuses to let anything or anyone stand in his way. However, what he didn’t prepare for was meeting Bey. \n \nBey is beautiful-bold and straight forward. From the moment she met Breeze, she managed to get under his skin with her, “no holds barred” attitude and slick tongue. At times Breeze finds himself wanting to slice her throat. At other times, he wants nothing more than to kiss and caress every inch of her body. The two of them discover what makes them complete opposites is the very thing that makes their connection just right. \n \nDrake and Breeze are on their way to having everything they ever wanted. From money to love. However, when you make your living off an illegal hustle, the road to success is tainted, often stained with blood and guarded by opposition and enemies who want nothing more than to take what’s yours. How will Drake and Breeze stand, when their enemies come for their lives and their money? How will Dream react when she discovers the shady side of Drake’s business? Can Breeze and Bey overcome their differences to become the ultimate power couple? Find out in this gritty, urban, love drama.

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