My Heart Belongs To A Miami Millionaire 3 Author: Siren


\n \nJanuary Jones can’t seem to stay out of drama. She is caught between two men. The man she loves and his top Opp. One wild weekend and now the paternity of her unborn hangs in the balance. January tried to find a way to tell Dro the truth, but Merc beat her to it. And now its looking like January and Dro may not have that happy ending. \n \nAlejandro “Dro” Thomas is more than upset when he finds out that his rival, Merc is a possible father of January’s baby. She had been lying to him, just like everyone else in his life. From his brother to Merc robbing all his spots. Dro has been backed into a corner. January was supposed to be his peace but its looking like she’s no different from his ex. \n \nMercury “Merc” knows exactly what he is doing. He wants January for himself, and if he got to go toe to toe with Dro, then so be it. But only if January could see that he is more man than Dro could ever be. Little does everybody know is that Merc is ready to show everybody that he isn’t the king of North Florida for nothing. \n \nLove is the name of the game, and everybody is playing for keeps. January, Dro, and Merc are in a messy love triangle, and drama is in store for this roller coaster ride of lust, love, and deceit. Will January and Dro’s love be enough for them to work things out? Or will Merc succeed in making January his? Only time will tell. January’s heart belongs to a Miami Millionaire, but that might not be enough to keep Dro. Find out the outcome of who finds love and who will be alone in this finale of My Heart Belongs to a Miami Millionaire. \n \n

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