He Still Messin’ With His Baby Mama Author:


Love. That was the one thing British longed for.  She wanted that over the top, floating on cloud nine, you my ride or die kind of love. The desire to have it but never receive it had her feeling defeated. The one person she really wanted to receive love from was the one person that hurt her beyond belief. Finally, willing to give love a second chance left her hit with yet another obstacle. A baby mama.


Esjay was the ex that British couldn’t shake. Knowing that he had a hold on her, he did everything he could to string her along until he felt he was ready to be with her. More women than he could count mixed with unnecessary drama was more than he nor British were ready for. By the time he realized the gem he had in British, he stepped up, but was it too late?


Princess went from being a side chick to a main chick. Or so she thought. In love and pregnant, it was hard for her to accept the fact that she was about to be a single mother. Incapable of handling the cards that life dealt her, she was prepared to stop at nothing to get the life she felt she deserved.


Over time, secrets were revealed as these characters fought against a chaotic past and a toxic present. With the hopes of a better future, they must make decisions that can either make or break them. Brace yourself for the massive drama that is about to unfold in He Still Messin’ With His Baby Mama.

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