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Red Keisha & Black Escobar: A Hood Love Story Author: B. Richemond


At nineteen years old, Keisha had the blueprint for her future in the palm of her hands and wasn't settling for anything less in her life. Ambitious, confident, and independent. She wanted the best for herself, but her reality kept pulling her back from going after her goals. With her toxic parents standing in her way, Keisha's plans were always put on the back burner, silently destroying her in the process. She lived by the motto: family over everything, and wouldn't let anyone get in-between that because of the promises she made to herself. Then she meets Escobar, who speaks life into her. Her whole mindset quickly changes when he introduces her to a world that she never knew existed and starts re-evaluating things in her life.
Escobar, the son of one of Cali's most powerful and respected men, looked up to his father and prayed to one day be just like him. When the life of luxury that Escobar knows changes overnight, he is forced to adapt to a new environment, giving him the temporary role of being the man of the house. When secrets are revealed, the father he once respected is seen in a different light and Escobar's views of him change instantly. Keisha now has his attention, but his father won't allow him to experience love without his approval first.
When an unexpected connection is sparked between the two, they're presented with a long list of issues that could possibly tear them apart or keep them together. With family being a priority on one side and money being a major issue on the other, life gives them the biggest challenges that they ever have to face in their lives.

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