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Lowkey Creepin' With A Hood Billionaire 2 Author: Angie Hayes


After Blac’s kidnapping, the crew is left to try to put their lives back together after so much chaos. Unfortunately, they can’t fully get back to normality because Michelle is still on the run, and without her, there are so many unanswered questions.


August has just touched back down in Stormy Brook, and he’s back to his old self. Always having a thing for lower caliber women who didn’t require much, when he meets Armani, he realizes that he has been doing it wrong all along. An educated woman who is all about her business but so different than what August is accustomed to shows him that there is nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone and broadening your horizons. His fling, Paris, is still lingering in the shadows, and she wants the man that she’s used to back. Will opposites really attract, or should the streets and class remain separated?


Gutta and Kash’s undeniable love for their women is unmatched, and so is Baby Doll’s and Blac’s love for their men. The pairs are set out on a journey of love and determined to let nothing or no one intervene. There is always a calm before a storm, but which billionaire’s love will be on the line this time around? Find out in this novel where things aren’t always what they seem, betrayal is second nature, and love doesn’t always come easy.

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