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A Rich Hood N*gga Wifed Me 3 Author:


After an eventful Christmas dinner, everything has fallen apart for your favorite couples.


Raegan and Cassian are at odds after Cassian realizes the person Raegan was stealing from is none other than Tymir. Silence fills the rooms between these two until Raegan needs saving from her own family.


Having never been in love, Jah is conflicted about how to handle Emani calling out for her ex after what he deems to be a disrespectful display of affection. Not wanting to lose her but also not ready to talk, he busies himself with Taylor. Once Emani catches wind of the two reuniting, she does the unthinkable.


Nori and Ty are still standing despite Kallie’s efforts. The two have the same goal when it comes to their enemy; however one isn’t as prepared as the other.


Love has never been an easy road for sisters Nori, Emani, and Raegan. Whether it’s them trying to love one another or trying to build a loving bond with their men. No matter how you flip the coin, the possibility of love being their downfall still remains.


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