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In Love With A Los Angeles Don 3 Author: Angie Hayes


One last time around the block. This time Hernès and Goddess have more than a little bit to deal with. With Ky on the loose and babies to raise, safety is all that matters. \n \nFor Hermès, on top of the day-to-day there’s a situation with the connect that requires his attention and for his life to change. \n \nKy’s mind is fractured, and Goddess is dealing with the repercussions of it. Will Ky stop the madness? Or is she already too far gone? \n \nMeanwhile, Loyalty and Royalty are dealing with the terror that comes with Royalty’s family. Will her family be enough to break them apart? Or can they withstand it all? \n \nIn this finale, the couples face more drama than they need and have to find out if love is worth it.

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